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Thread: [RELEASE] Vending Machine

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    do you have aCamera, iTunes and Books icon?

    More include Intelliscreen, Converter, Your2Face, and iCountdown

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    just got this from Installer... AWESOME

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    Yay! I’m finally on Installer now -- BUT… the downside is that you won’t get the extra Icons (Desktop Icons, Webclip Icons) and you will also miss the Categories Default Background Screen which I mentioned in my first post.

    So if you are using Categories and won’t miss all the fun, just grab the download right here from () the MMI Download Area and manually install the rest of the icons.

    HELP ME:

    Anyway, I’m planing on integrating more icons and more languages, and for the languages I need to check if they are correct. I it is likely that I get french and italian a litte mixed up, so it would be nice if you could just send me a pm if you find a mispelled word in your language.

    US: Phone, Contacts, Weather, Stocks, Calculator, Calendar
    D: Telefon, Kontakte, Wetter, Aktien, Rechner, Kalender
    F: Téléphone, --------, Météo, Bourse, Calculette, Calendrier
    I: Telefono, Contatti, Meteo, Borsa, Calcolatrice, Calendario

    US: Notes, Text, Music, Maps, Settings, Clock
    D: Notizen, Texte, Musik, Karten, Einstellungen, Uhr
    F: Note, Texte, Musique, Plans, Réglages, Horologe
    I: Note, Messaggi, Musica, Mappe, Impostazioni, Orologio

    US: Mail, Photos
    D: Mail, Fotos
    F: Courrier, Photos
    I: Mail, Immagini

    A REPLY:

    Quote Originally Posted by TheYoungHustla View Post
    do you have aCamera, iTunes and Books icon?

    More include Intelliscreen, Converter, Your2Face, and iCountdown
    A Camera icon is on the way, it’ll have a lighter color than the snapture icon. The iTunes icon is already there - my mistake - I named it MusicStore, but this will be fixed in the update.

    More Icons will follow.
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    You are the best my friend, i love this theme many many many many thanks!
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    amazing keep up the good work mate!

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    gr8 work dude...

    thx for share

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    i cant seem to find it on installer. help?

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    themes (summerboard)

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    Quote Originally Posted by phattbam View Post
    themes (summerboard)
    it isnt there i checked

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    i cant find it under themes (summerboard) either i cant wait to get this

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    UPDATED - visit the 1st post for more information.

    As usual… give it some time to be approved and uploaded.
    Thanks for the feedback so far.

    @ToasterBoyOhFour --- Version 1.0 definitely should be there (Installer/Themes/Summerboard)
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    I got mine from the recent packages. but when I check under uninstall it's in the themes(summerboard) section

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    mad props too you...something diffrent

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    Quote Originally Posted by phattbam View Post
    I got mine from the recent packages. but when I check under uninstall it's in the themes(summerboard) section

    Erm... that's how the Installer works. Like the name already implies, the recent packages are showing you (only) the latest entries from all sources.

    Mine is filed under Themes, Summerboard - you will find it listed there. Just think of the recent packages tab as a folder which temoprary holds "new" programs, themes, etc.

    Last edited by pattulus; 2008-07-04 at 01:22 PM.

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    I got it and I'm loving it... I have a question though. if there are updates to the icons will you be posting them as updates on installer???

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    icon request please:


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    The first update has arriven in Installer
    and other updates will definitely follow.

    I will do them when I got time and
    have collected a certain amount of
    new icons.

    To be honest - I don’t see a point in
    making game icons so far. On my
    phone they are out my eyesight in a
    categories folder, and… I’m not very
    enthusiastic about making them.
    Maybe time will change this fact or
    I get so bored one day that I’ll also
    do the game icon section. Right
    now I can say, that I've done more
    than I usally intended to do because
    I was quite happy with my 'private'
    version of the theme. Yesterday I
    spend 24h making a iPod and
    language fixed version plus the 70
    icons more you now have in v1.1.

    Updates to come will most likely
    polish up old icons and will be
    done for new applications or apps
    that are widely spreed (… I only
    have to find the right ones).

    … …


    Some people insulted me for
    adding a donation link to the
    first post. People… it’s not like
    you have to donate.

    This is only for those of you
    who value creative ideas and
    know that the don’t grow on
    every tree. I spent many
    hours on the whole icon
    collection. Don’t email me
    when you only want to tell
    me that it’s about ******
    time that something is
    inculded, that it is so ***
    of me not to do this and
    that I must be *** to even
    think of a donation. Just
    keep it to yourself.


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    I'll donate. and props for putting your time and effort into making this.. I have 3 camera apps with similiar icons now haha, but I"ll most likely just use one.. GREAT job though, I'm sure it's time consuming.

    unfortunate update for installer fans.. it seems to be down at the moment. I couldn't download vending machine this morning after a restore.
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    I tried grabbing it from the download section of this site...I get "unauthorized access". I've download other themes and icons from this site before. I'm confused?
    Every time you download music, GOD kills a kitten.

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    Quote Originally Posted by phattbam View Post
    I have 3 camera apps with similiar icons now haha, but I"ll most likely just use one.
    Yes… I wasn’t sure what to do about it. I guessed that all the people would abondon at lest one of the installer camera replacement... snapture or camera pro. I have a idea what to do about it now - will be in the next update. Still… I wonder why you keep 3 cameras, I banned Camera Pro because it was slower than snapture when taking pictues, on the other hand I dislike that snapture takes so long to boot. What are your reasons?

    I checked the update this noon and everything worked fine. Hope the wheel at installer is spinning again.

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