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Thread: New horizontal theme (with a WMP dock)

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    Default New horizontal theme (with a WMP dock)
    Hi, I wanted to make a horizontal theme, and this is what I came up with. Basically I took the retext theme, and photoshoped the dock from the glass orb theme on the left side. Then I just rotated all of the icons 90 degrees (this took a while). There are two drawbacks. One is that the calender application looks strange because it is on its side. Because of this I deleted it. And the other is that you can only have one page, and still have it look nice. Because the dock is still in the same place, I just changed the wallpaper, when you scroll, the icons nearest the home button stay in the same place and all the others move. The only thing I can think of doing, is somehow copying all of the bottom applications to the next page, but this is not practical, and I am thinking of other ways. Maybe have folders called games or media, and when you open them it takes you to a new page with the applications in them, and still have the dock applications. If you have any suggestions please tell me. Also the bar with the time looks out of place.

    Besides this there are TONS of icons and different Wallpapers. I will include the dock also.

    I am too lazy to re-photoshop the dock and make them horizontal, do it yourself if you want to make a custom theme. If I get the time I might.

    Please feel free to change mine however you want

    Sorry, this is a stupid question, but where do I post the theme? I am new.
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    Looks great

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    it's take a look at mine if you need ideas.....

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    damn this shits hot
    showed this to a friend and he loved it, he can't wait to download it and get it on his phone, and neither can I

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    To fix the calendar download 'Date Hide' by Luiz off Installer..gets rid of the dynamic date

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    were can i download this from??

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    DAYUMMM the first one is hawwwwt.

    jump on it, haha.

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    look into the mod that allows the status bar to be vertical too it will make your theme look better
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    Screenshots 1,and 3 use wallpapers i created... lol i guess my wallpapers got around quite a bit, i released these out to the public during the 1.1.X days...

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    Quote Originally Posted by prism2unit View Post
    Screenshots 1,and 3 use wallpapers i created... lol i guess my wallpapers got around quite a bit, i released these out to the public during the 1.1.X days...
    can you link to where i can dl the wallpapers.

    they are pretty sexxy!

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    anywhere we can download this theme?

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    please provide a download link cant wait.

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    4real. this theme is hot

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    not to be a ****.

    But what is the point of a horizontal theme when youll still have to flip it to see the apps properly?


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    What's Jailbreak?
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    how do i get this

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