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Thread: [Release] Audio

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    Default [Release] Audio
    Hey all!

    Sorry for the delay! Life got a little busy, but here it is, my first theme. I am working on more icons and as requested an iswitcher theme, but it will probably be another week.

    feedback has been great and very supportive.

    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails -audio.jpg  

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    real nice....but i dont even remember what original layout was....tweak it some more so everybody can still going to try and use it though

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    impressively awesome. one the design the background or are the buttons actually images of those buttons...yeah im not sure how to word that any better

    like if you go to the next page will it still look awesome?

    meh ill dl it and find out lol >.<

    edit: the download isnt ready but that text answered my thats a shame. does look cool though
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    @ Sidetalker

    The icons are the dials and buttons and such, so when I add more icons and you scroll to the next page, a new array of buttons and dials will scroll into place. I am planning some other alternate icons for the vu meter (photos, stock, etc.) for those who have rearranged their layout.

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    very well done gonna definately use it

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    Awesome concept!

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    Approved, great job man!

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    looks great. love the idea

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    Great! Thank you for sharing!
    Can you also create more icons?

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    man these kinds of themes are the best. It must of took a lot of trail and error to get everything lined up correct. Anyhow i was using the Face theme but its got the emo teddy bear thing going on and im no emo so i switched to this theme. It lacked in the 3rd party apps department so i opened up your files in photoshop and did this.

    I then realized that because i have sumerboard to put default apple icons then 3rd party apps in alphabetical order, if i add a new app it might just throw everything over and mess it up. So for my 3rd page of apps i just started to do this.

    anyhow great theme

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    Ah, very nice.

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    Cool and original idea.
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    great job...what font is that?



    Red, and Green
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    Heres mine! (with a few mods!)

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    This is still one of my all time faves. It would be cool if the people that modified the names for different apps were able to share them so we could all enjoy them...
    Iphoned & now using T-MO prepaid, Been playing w/ Apples for nearly 2 decades...

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    can i find this theme in installer?

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    Default Modified Theme
    I adore this theme. My grandpa used to collect old instruments and panels like this (had a bunch from the Navy and such). I played around in Photoshop and merged this theme with Spargett-Shelves. If you kids dig it, I can post it as a complete theme. I'm working on some other BG and Icon mods to it. Assuming of course the Pumpkin and the creator of the Shelves theme don't mind, all proper cred would be given.

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    is there a source for this for installer??

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    thats really cool stuff. thanks

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pittbull View Post
    Heres mine! (with a few mods!)

    Beautiful! How about sharing the community your work. Thanks.

    Very nice. Hope you can share the community your work. I would love to use it. Thanks
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