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Thread: Star Trek LCARS Summerboard Theme

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    LOL is the right expression ... I changed it back to yellow too the moment I've seen it orange haha

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    I realy want a Lcars Summerboard theme to Ipod touch
    Iwasnevy, im willing to paypal you some money if you make me one for Ipod touch

    I tried using some Lcars iphone themes but wont work well on ipod touch
    since some application dont work or show up and hence the themes is useless.

    This is how my Ipod touch look now (just using a wallpaper) could you make the theme you have (Lcars puzzle one)work for mine
    I have about 4 pages now:

    Hope you or anyone can help as better quality as better.
    I am wanting one of those puzzle themes but to use with my application
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    Sure, but you'll have to give me some time - I have alot going on right now. In the meantime, educate me - I don't have a touch - I have an iphone. Is modding it the same as the iphone? Are you able to run summerboard? Or is it another app to change things around? or do you just replace icon files?

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    I managed to get it working on Ipod touch
    but was lot of work had to rename the icon/name applications it pointed to
    so got it to work now

    what is different is mostly that some iphone application dont work/or show up in ipod touch

    Pictures of how the Lcars i changed to work on my ipod touch

    There is 3 pages so far I mirrowed one of the page so it looked cooler
    AS more and more applications comes out more Pages can be added to make the Lcars even more complete
    changed some color and stuff, i think is easy when one get into it and i never done this before.

    but is time consuming.

    The only problem left now is to add sound
    a Lcars sound each time a button is clicked is that possible?

    and a sound when slide to unlock and turn off.

    I havent made this Change avaible for download because of permission issue
    so i only uploaded the photos here for show off that is possible making Lcars for Ipod touch too
    is very cool having a IPAAD
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    Very cool! You went to town modifying! you're right, it's time consuming. I think I spent at least one evening, maybe 2 making the original, and I do photoshop graphics for a living! If you want permission to distribute it, go ahead - I released it intended as open source, so it's free to change and redistribute, and I haven't seen one for the touch yet. I like your unlock screen wallpaper. One suggestion - IMHO, the 'i' thing is waaay overused - it's cliché now. I'd ditch the 'i' thing from the ipadd graphic and just go with padd, but that's just me. I'm so sick of seeing 'i' this and 'i' that, I want to puke when I see it now! I even saw a cheapy alarm clock once named "ipone" Looked like it was worth about $2, and was being sold for $19.95!
    Check it out - I found it on ebay!

    Anyway, that's an entirely different thread! Nice job and feel free to distribute it.

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    Thanks, I may wrap the Skin up in a rar later on and upload it (except for the wallpaper)

    At the moment i keep the name "i" like iPadd since i like it and it gives new meaning having a iPadd instead of iPod
    but i consider removing the i later on

    I apreciate any suggestion about other changes in the skin (as long is easy to do)
    and thanks for making the original for iphone

    I still wonder if i can add some sound to each buttons
    but maybe it gets anoying after a while

    Theme is Now Uploaded and can be downloaded here
    so if someone has an ipod touch this is the best theme so far
    read the instruction provided first:

    UPDATE 2:
    I forgot to provide the nesesary wallpaper
    if you downloaded the Theme before please redownload it
    This is Version 1.0 with wallpaper fix
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    Whow ... great job !

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    New version IPadd touch 1.1

    Whats new in this update:
    - Changed the color a bit like them better this way
    - removed the Shoppinglist icon (the 1.0 icon is still included as a option)
    - updated the Readme file

    Download version 1.1 here:
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    Hola soy de Argentina,me consegui un iphone defectuoso y lo repare $$$ SIGH .bien ahora quiero poner el LCARS teme y no se bien como hacer ya que mi ingles es malo ,si alguna persona me puede ayudar mi mail es:
    Gracias por su tiempo .La pagina esta super

    ah me olvide decir que mi version es de 8g con el filmware 1.1.4
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    Way to much going on for someone like me

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    Thumbs up put on installer!!
    that is a great app! took me a while to learn ssh and everything, but i got it down and love the app... would love if it was alot easier and put on installer for people like me who had to watch three youtube videos, and a huge gooogle hunt on how to do it. but i love it!!

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    Hey guys I'm new around here. I made it my mission to make my iPhone more fun this weekend and I ended up here. Thanks for everything!

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    I've tried every download link there is, but Safari always says, "Safari can't download the file".

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    Holy thread bump. Links probably dont work cuz this thread is from 2008.

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    Oh. Well, I hope it can be updated. I REALLY love the layout and look of the LCARS theme. I really want to be able to download it. I also have an iPod Touch. I don't know if it doesn't work on the iTouch or not.

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