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Thread: Realize Icons "Everything I've collected"

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    1000 posts! great to have this thread still runnin! great to have this icon theme for 1 year now!

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    Default Oops
    Hey there anyone,

    I lost my standard OEM AT&T carrier logo
    Maybe it wasnt the standard OEM?
    I know it said AT&T in blue, and i think it had the layered earth logo next to it
    Not the signal strength one, this was always on

    Anybody got the AT&T logos?

    Thank you

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    Quote Originally Posted by The Spirit View Post
    nice to see, that there are getting more people introduced into the realization again ;-)

    if you look for some icons, visit my website
    Yup kudos to your website...nice one stop shop for a bunch of icons!!

    Okay i have a new question?!?!?!

    The whole dockflow thing....i got 5 dock thing, the order right, i downloaded ispazio's dockflow and it worked but i tried to manipulate the icon.png with realized ones and it went back to normal....i saw on page 66 the Spirit got it to work and i am hoping that we could get an update on if its available or how we can do it?!

    Thanks a million
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    i think to make them dockflow u take the 5 already realized icons u have, and distort them in photoshop
    Wanna-be coder/iphone user since '08

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    Default Icon Request :)
    Love all the previous icons - was looking to see if Spirit or predator could help me out in realizing these icons - Much Thanks to people keeping this theme alive. Thanks give every time someone made new or old icon.
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    sorry about the dockflow.
    need to do some things on it.
    hope, i can release it soon.

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    Default Here ya go
    Arctic here ya go I was bored so I did the icons for you.. I hope you like....
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  8. The Following User Says Thank You to ceelo2008 For This Useful Post:

    ArcticShock (2009-01-03)

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    Hi I just found this thread. It's awesome. I was wondering if icons can be made with a transparent background?? Like a 3d icon where the image is shown without the box.

    I need icons for pandora, cycorder, and dtunes.

    Thanks much

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    Default Thank You !
    Much thanks to ceelo for REALIZING those icons so quickly

    I'm looking 4 these as well - I couldn't find the "Classics" icon without the sale sign on it, if someone could remove that it would be great. Thanks again !
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    Default Ok
    Here ya go =)
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    ArcticShock (2009-01-04)

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    Thank You ceelo2008 - Your the best

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    Here are some more icons I would love to see realized
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    Could you please make icons for:

    Tube Status
    London Tube
    London Cam
    Word Roll
    Status Notifier


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    is this theme on cydia?

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    Quote Originally Posted by XxDaZxX View Post
    is this theme on cydia?
    I used "iWoodRealize" changed the background and the dock but am using the icons.

    Still looking to see if my buddy ceelo or if spirit or predator would make my icons Thanks again

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    sorry for the long delays, but at the moment i in the android app developement. this is so great and today i released my first app for android.
    will do the icons as soon as i have time

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    Nepse (2009-01-07)

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    Default done
    here ya go arctic =)
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  21. The Following User Says Thank You to ceelo2008 For This Useful Post:

    Nepse (2009-01-07)

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    Would anybody be willing to realize these ?

    Congrats on the android app release Spirit Also, did you ever finish the SBSettings Realize theme?

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    Default here ya go
    hope u like
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    ArcticShock (2009-01-07), Nepse (2009-01-10)

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