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Thread: Realize Icons "Everything I've collected"

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    Thank you again!

    Any chance you can redo a biteSMS icon, without the thin white edge around it,,,?
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    Thanks a lot Aspirine!
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    Quote Originally Posted by StrayLight View Post
    Thanks a lot Aspirine!
    It's my pleasure Dude !
    No spam!!!!!!

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    two more realized icons



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    Anyone w/ a nice looking yin yang icon for ToggleBacklight?

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    A Background
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    A nice Background / Wallpaper...!
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    A nice Background Wallpaper...!
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    Quote Originally Posted by xks View Post
    Anyone w/ a nice looking yin yang icon for ToggleBacklight?
    hope you like it

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    Quote Originally Posted by The Spirit View Post
    hope you like it

    Great job, thanks!

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    Here u go...
    a little contribution for this great thread...

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    hey guys could someone plz realize at least a genesis one and the GBA one. thanx a bunch

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    Default more icons....
    for those who need it for Bosstools & MPG
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    please give the background a little bit more colour. would look much cooler with a coloured background

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    I really like the icons from the attached pictures. created by al217739 over at hackint0shs. such a pitty he doesn't share them
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    Quote Originally Posted by rnksols View Post
    Someone asked in another thread how to do this for themselves so I am posting a tutorial on how to make these here as well. Hope you find it useful.....

    An HTML hosted version of this Tutorial is HERE

    Realize Icon Tutorial:

    First off you need 3 things,
    - An image you want to "realize"
    - "realize.png" <------- HERE
    - Photoshop or suchlike

    Step 1: Select the images that you want to open, in my case 1.png and realize.psd, right click and open them with Photoshop.

    The images will then be open, and you should have something that looks approximately like this.

    Step 2: Resize the image you want to realize, so that it fits appropriately over the icon template, in this case 60x60 is the best fit, as is quite common. To do this go to Image -> Image Size.

    Step 3: Using the arrow tool (top tool on toolbar) drag the image onto the template psd file. The results should look like this.

    If you look at the template you should be able to see how the image fits, and realign to suite your taste. The properties bar at the bottom right hand side show that the new layer (layer 1) is entered between the "stuff" and "highlight" layers.

    Step 4: You then want to drag the little box on the "stuff" layer onto the layer with your image. As below.

    You should them end up with something that looks like the below image. Notice everything outside the edge of the icon, has been made transparent.

    Step 5: Go to File -> Save As

    Step 6: Select PNG from the Type/Format list

    Step 7: Name it whatever you want, but the suffix should be .png

    VOILA!! You now have a saved and ready to use "Realized" Icon.

    Hopefully this was easy enough to follow, and I hope that you find it helpful.


    I tried your tutorial using PhotoShop Elements 2.0 and other than the first step which shows the realize.psd and 1.png My version of PhotoShop does not show the rest of your examples in the tutorial. Attached is the result of my first attempt which is a complete disappointment.

    I couldn't line up the image properly and have no idea how to remove the balck corners.
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    if you give me the original one, i can do it for you

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    Thanks, I appreciate that.

    I'd like to attempt it one more time to see if I can figure it out. I have about 10 that I am trying to do.

    I only spent an hour on the one above, LOL!!
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    I recently brought Photoshop Elements 6 and was able to Realize, now i can't seem to get the edges off the sides. New to the Photoshop program, but if any one is listening than can you kindly point me in the right way.


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