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Thread: Battery icon mockup - noname

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    Default Battery icon for Customize - LogoBattery

    Made a quick mockup of how I would prefer my battery icon. It's supposed to show remaining standby time, remaining talk time and remaining time until fully charged. The total charge number percentage is in .X-format to save space. Prefer that to XXX %. Now, if anyone can tell me how long the iPhone's standby time is, how long the talk time is and how long it takes to fully charge the battery, I'll be very grateful. I'm looking for real numbers, not Apple's numbers. Can find those anywhere :P


    It's done. Named it LogoBattery.

    Right-click and save as:
    DOWNLOAD <- Percentage from 0.06 to 1.00.
    DOWNLOAD <- Percentage from 6 % to 100 %

    ReadMe.txt included in the zip files.
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    looks very nice.

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    don't like it bro...

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    This is an awesome idea! But i don't think it will work with just standard numbers. The battery icons that come standard shows how much is left if you keeping doing what your currently doing. You can see this by watching videos for about 30 minutes and see your battery in the red. But when you switch to music or turn it off for awhile the battery is no longer in the red zone after a few minutes. It would be great if you could somehow incorporate this into the battery and make it appear every time instead of when its plugged in.

    Note: These are just assumptions of mine through past experience.

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    That's pretty tight!! Maybe you could also do it with LED Readouts in various color and skins, more like i gloss black,detailed with the shading and all with red LED or whatever colors u can imgine. Anyway i like the idea.

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    I think it looks awesome. But the whole "times" thing would be really inaccurate.. I'd prefer it with the bg, the bar, and a percent. =D

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    looks hot .. id take it without the numbers hehe :P

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    thanks really cool

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    awesome, would be great if you could work out the numbers to be accurate. would defiantly use it even if it didnt have the stats

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    Okay, LEDs and no numbers. Only red coloured LEDs, though.

    EDIT: Btw, the background isn't mine. It belongs to Apple. It's the same background you find when you visit
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