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Thread: *new* Star Trek Lcars Theme

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    Default *new* Star Trek Lcars Theme
    Hi geeks!

    Well, I suppose you are a geek - otherwise: why so interested?

    I've made a new Categories-based Star Trek lCARS theme for the iPod Touch (1.1.4). In order to get it working on your Touch you need at least the following apps installed:

    -Customize 2.0
    -Categories 1.72
    -SummerBoard 3.2

    NOTICE: This theme has been specifically customized to work with the apps I have on MY OWN iPod. In order to customize it for YOUR specific needs you will have to change

    -the background and default graphics of the respective Categories
    -(if neccessary) the order/location of your applications' icons.

    If you like MY selection of apps (txt-file "Apps" in this thread's attachment) and if you don't bother having exactly the same, than INSTALLATION WILL BE VERY EASY

    The theme is not (yet) available via Installer, but you can download it using this link: (Password: summerboard)

    Video Tutorials:

    --> Vimeo:

    --> YouTube (Part 1 of 2): [ame=""]YouTube - NEW Star Trek Theme for iPod Touch (Pt.1of2)[/ame]
    --> YouTube (Part 2 of 2): [ame=""]YouTube - NEW Star Trek Theme for iPod Touch (Pt.2of2)[/ame]


    A video in TOP QUALITY will be uploaded to rapidshare very soon!

    IMPORTANT NOTICE: I forgot to mention some important settings for Categories v.1.72 in my Video Tutorial! Make sure to apply the following settings in Categories v1.72:

    -Allow Hide Icons [Enabled]
    -Use Background Img [Enabled]
    -Left-Right Scrolling [Disabled]
    -Hide Last Row [Disabled]
    -Title At Bottom [Enabled]
    -Hide Title [Enabled]
    -Hide Icon Titles [Enabled]
    -Rubberbanding [Disabled]
    -Summerboard Themes [Enabled]

    If your respective Categories-Screens show messed-up background images, just make sure to have those settings applied and just re-do the steps for copying the background images to /private/var/mobile/Library/Categories (watch Video Tutorial for more detailed information on this). After that, restart SpringBoard via SMBPrefs. Lock your iPod Touch and slide to unlock --> EVERYTHING SHOULD BE FINE NOW

    Here some preview images from my iPod Touch:

    P.S.: Of course the Unlock/Slider Screen of the downloadable Theme does not show "DJ ONION'S IPOD"! Instead the text will now be "THE ICARS COMPUTER NETWORK".
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    I love Star Trek and i so love your theme.
    Very interested (Have an iPhone but).
    Thanks and brilliant work.

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    When I've found out how to release it via installer, I'll release it ASAP

    But first I have to finish the installation guide, 'cause it is not THAT easy to get this thing working on your Touch. Well, it isn't really difficult either, but it takes some patience at least.

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    Sorry to bother you, but where can I get the categories application? Do I get it from iTunes or do I have to get it off the internet? And if I download the theme, how to I get it on my iPod?

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    This is awesome! I'm truly amazed at the work you've put into this. Most LCARS themes are poor attempts at best. Yours really turns the iPod Touch into a PADD!

    I can't wait for Categories to be released for the 2.0 firmware. I plan on tweaking your theme to work on my iPhone 3G with the applications I use. Any chance you could post the font that you use for the text in the background images? That way I can pull these into Photoshop and customize them for my own apps.

    Thanks for sharing!
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    holy [email protected] how come ive never seen this theme before
    "Its better to be a pirate than join the navy"Steve Jobs

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    what the crap happened with this? It does not exist. Give it up Joey Joe Jo!

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    Default iPhone 4
    At the risk of showing how new I am to all of this, has this been ported to the iPhone 4 yet? This is far and away the best, and most realistic LCARS theme I have seen anywhere and i would REALLY love to get it on my iPhone 4.

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