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Thread: [New Theme] Platinum Rhapsody

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    Default [New Theme] Platinum Rhapsody
    I'm working on a new SummerBoard Theme for the iPhone & iPod Touch. I don't have a full screenshot of the them yet as I'm getting my iPod touch tomorrow. But, I do have some previews of some of the elements of the theme

    Here's the new boot logo. It's the Happy Mac, back in full glory

    Here's the new icon for

    Here's MobileFinder

    And one of the Wallpapers I'm including in the theme

    Here's the StatusBar image

    So, can you guys figure out what style I'm going for? So far, my theme supports 24 3rd Party apps and almost all of Apple's Apps.

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    Whoa, old school mac theme, nice.

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    How do you change the boot logo so its not the boring old apple logo???
    ow i am allso using a windows vista

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    You can't change the boot logo - it is part of the boot firmware.

    SpringBoard displays a copy of it (the silver Apple) for a second before launching, and that can be replaced, but it isn't really effective.
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    Default Finally, an update!!!
    Wow, got a ton of updates to do here (kinda forgot about this topic for a bit)

    Letsee, here's a logo for the theme I made

    And now for some actual screenshots of the theme in action (these are some of the newest ones btw)

    I've included support for 16 apple apps 33 3rd Party apps I will be keeping this updated more often. Might upload a WIP version of the theme this weekend. Still got some kinks to work out though.

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