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Thread: [First Theme] Simple Sky

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    Default [Theme] Simple Sky Final
    My first theme in a serie of 4,
    many of the icons are from Icon Factory so credit go to creator David Lanham, but alot of them are custom made by me as well.
    made alot of custom icons just for you ^^
    u can ask for more custom ones in this topic.

    here how it looks in the iphone:

    and those are all th icons in this theme! (icons name is missing and its not align so dont notice):


    if you like this theme click the "thanks" button ^^
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    Looks good! whats the elmo app?

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    looks good but fix ur reflections..

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    Quote Originally Posted by fistikal View Post
    looks good but fix ur reflections..
    im working on it.. if anyone can help pm me plz...

    i got about 10 more custom icons for other apps... as soon as ill fix the reflection ill publish the updated version.

    edit: finished it, will update the pack in couple of hours.

    sorry for double post, just wanted to say that i finished the theme, fixed the reflection (use customize in your iphone for best result) and added about 4 more custom icons.

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    wow.i love this theme....nice and simple

    thx for sharing!

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    Me too ! approve please

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    Nice, this was the one theme I liked of the first four posted. Good final touches.


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    really looks good. can't w8 to get the theme.

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    Umm i went to the downloads section; when I hit downland I only get a screenshot jpg file; not the theme

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheHK View Post
    Umm i went to the downloads section; when I hit downland I only get a screenshot jpg file; not the theme
    waaa sorry i reuploaded but now need to wait for approval

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    Lol I'll let you know when I install it ! Great theme ! Now for some more icons

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheHK View Post
    Lol I'll let you know when I install it ! Great theme ! Now for some more icons
    Tell me what app you want me to icon
    i want to make this theme with all apps there is, but i wont add them if none will ask.

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    It would be amazing if this becomes a complete theme !

    Well I guess the main ones missing are:

    VNotes, Apollo, Labyrinth and weDict .. oh maybe books.

    I also use a couple of iApp a day apps like Quest and Interval (we can use the countdown icon) but I do not think many use them.

    I really love the simplicity of this theme and the color ! Great job

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    wont let me download! I like this theme a lot though

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    Thats sweet looking man im digging it alot wish I could download it

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    Quote Originally Posted by scuzzy19 View Post
    Thats sweet looking man im digging it alot wish I could download it
    the download is up and running now, approved enjoy.

    TheHK i will make this icons soon, in a few days ill update the page.

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    ok made new custom icons as requested
    you can download it from this post or wait few days for the next version of Simple Sky (will include more icons and new things).

    enjoy, and ask for more app icons in here- I want to make this theme with as many icons as i can.

    the icons are(by order):

    they look better on the iPhone ^^
    Attached Images Attached Images         
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    TheHK (2007-11-20)

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    Amaaazing job Turner thanks a lot ! I will install this theme right now ! Can't wait for your other themes.

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    Can you separately upload the iTunes icon for me? t didn't come packaged.

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