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Thread: Shadow-evillink's Mod Images

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    Default Shadow-evillink's Mod Images
    UPDATED 11-15-09
    Ever since I got on the hacking scene I have been working on some images for the iPhone.I've got quite a few images to share so keep a look out for this thread as I will be adding new things as I get done with them.

    New WinterBoard Theme:

    New Moon Dockflow
    "Five Icon Dock" is needed from Cydia to work


    New Moon Theme


    BossPaper Setup:
    1.Under 'Image/Folder Selection' tap on 'folders'
    2.(If you have any other folders added in here remove them) Then tap the 'Add' button on the top right hand corner
    3.Tap 'winterboard'
    4.Tap 'new Moon.theme'
    5.Add 'BossWallpaper'
    6.Be sure to have these settings:

    Under 'Slideshows & Transtions'
    Transitions FADE
    On App Close OFF
    Change On Timer ON
    Transition Intervals 5.00 secs
    Transition Length 1.04
    Disable Ramdom ON

    Under 'Options'
    Dimming 1.00
    Hide Icon Labels OFF
    Hide Dock Labels OFF
    Under Winterboard OFF

    Unoffical Foxkeh Notes


    Twilight Theme 2.2 and Ringtones(UPDATED)


    Summerboard Themes:


    [WALLPAPERS] (there are seven in total just upload them to your iPhone as Photos)



    Customize Images:

    Edge Icons:

    Signal Bars:

    iPod Stars and Bars Images:

    Volume and Volumefill Images:

    Wifi Images:

    Header Battery Icons:

    Highlight Masks:


    Bar And Power Bar(their the same images):

    Call Bar Images:

    Incall Glow Images:

    Attached Files Attached Files
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    Great job Downloading now!
    Could use some extra icons for installer and so on....

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    Yea it a wip, Im acually working on a new theme too not to mention all the customize images i got to work on.

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    Maybe icons for Chat, ToDoList, Vnotes, and Contacts.


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    Nice job on this theme! Look forward to some additional icons... :-P

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    Nice Job

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    Great job. love the signal bars and header battery images

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    Quote Originally Posted by shadow-evillink View Post
    Added Signal Bars

    Thanks for sharing these files. Do I just drop them into the customize Signal Bars folder?

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    Quote Originally Posted by 96hondaex View Post
    Thanks for sharing these files. Do I just drop them into the customize Signal Bars folder?
    Yup, just drag the entire shadow-evillink folder (you can re-name it) into Customize under BarImages. You have to keep the images in a folder, you can't just drag them to the BarImages directory.

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    updated OrbzBlack to 1.1 adding aquarium, books, butterfly, gpsphone, isnake, isolitaire, pirate and rss icons.
    Also added to new backgrounds that look pretty good with my icons( just sync the bgs to your iphone as photos)

    Added Edge Icons.

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    So I need a barimages folder in the customize app folder? What about for the edge icons and the header battery icons? Thanks

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    Nice work man! Thanks! Maybe some WiFi Images next?


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    Quote Originally Posted by Reako View Post
    Nice work man! Thanks! Maybe some WiFi Images next?

    Will do

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    before i got to this page tonight...i was thinking wifi also

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    I Second What Reako Sed....Some Wifi Images Would Be Great....Especially Some Matching Red Ones

    Great Work

    Never underestimate the power of stupid people in large groups.

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    I forgot about the Wifi images... Please?


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    Quote Originally Posted by Reako View Post
    I forgot about the Wifi images... Please?

    ditto, the packs of colored edge, bars and header batteries are the best quality i have seen for customize hands-down. a matching set of wifi images would *really* be welcome, there aren't many (any?) clean looking wifi replacements out there. thx in advance for sharing friend, and thx for the great packs you already posted up..!

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