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Thread: New Icon set: Simply Colourful

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    Default New Icon set: Simply Colourful
    Here's a group of themes that I whipped up. Focuses on simplicity and colour. Four colours so far: Orange, Green, Blue, Purple. Can do more colours on request. Also I'll be doing icon requests.

    Here's some pics:

    Edit: The themes have all been packaged together, here's the download: Download

    Feedback please!
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    Update: The Simply Orange download is now up, check the first post.

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    I love your icons, any chance of getting a phone, text, camera and maybe customize icons, i know the customize isnt stock, but the other 3 would be nice

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    Hey doughboy3, put all of these themes in one zip and I'll approve it.
    Might be a little bigger download, but the people can choose, and it won't crowd the Download section. =D
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    Your icons are great!!! Please! any chance to have the Camera, Phone and Text icons?

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    I'll agree with him, please keep us iPhoner's in mind!


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    OK, I packaged the four themes together, if you can approve it, that would be great Dash. Here's the camera, text, phone, and customize icons. Just drop them into the icons folder of your theme. Note: some of them have a dash and then a number after the name when you save it, remove that before putting it into the folder.

    Thanks for the feedback, keep it comin'
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    LOVING the orange theme!
    PLEASE click everyone's "Thanks" buttons...they are begging for it.

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    Thanks for understanding and fixing it so quickly. =D

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    You heard the man! The download is now up. Check it out. Link on the first post and dashes post. Feedback!

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    ToDoList and VNotes icons would be amazing! Please!


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    thank you for the extra buttons

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    OK, I did the ToDoList and the VNotes icons. They're packaged in the download now. Also in the package is a preview of the battery images that I'm making to match the icons. Here's the new icons and the battery previews:

    If you guys want to see any other images from the iPhone or iPod Touch customized to match these themes, just tell me.

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    I guess Ill just customize my 1st page and ask for some form of IM icon. Chat preferrably

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    Quote Originally Posted by ajl917 View Post
    I guess Ill just customize my 1st page and ask for some form of IM icon. Chat preferrably
    There is a "IM" icon packaged already.


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    I'm halfway done the batteries, and I wanted your guys' opinions; would you like the option of having percentages on the batteries, or leave it normal? Also, it would be cool if you guys posted a screenshot or two of your iphone with the theme on it, since I can't get any good pics. Reako, do you like the last two icons? Dash, when I do finish the batteries, do you want them in a seperate pack, or packaged with the icons?

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    What happened to this thread/theme? You had a good thing going, do you think you could continue your good work with an update?

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    Yes I am still waiting on the batteries !

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