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Thread: armadillo needs help

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    Default armadillo needs help
    That's right. Not in the graphics department, but I would like to make my various mods available to the general public via Installer. I don't know how to package the various elements (Icons, Battery, Calculator, Dialer, Keyboard) so that they are recognized by Customize and SummerBoard. I also don't know which repository to use. If anyone can help me with this, I would greatly appreciate it.

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    Icons: They need to be named as to match the display name on the homescreen. For example, on the dock, the icons are named Text, Mail, Safari, and iPod. You need to rename all those icons to match the display name.

    Battery: In short, all the files for the springboard with the battery are named Battery_#. They need to be renamed from Battery-1 all the way up to Battery-16. And then Battery_17 needs to be renamed Battery. So then you will have 17 .pngs named from Battery, all the way up to Battery-16. (The word "Battery" is general. You can renamed it to Armadillo-# as will. The only key feature is to have the "-#" and have the Battery_17 as "Battery".)

    Keyboard: As far as I am concerned you are the first person to post a working replacement keyboard for 1.1.1, so I have to idea if Customize even supports this feature.

    Dialer: Not sure if Customize even supports this feature for 1.1.1. yet either.

    **For the last two items I would contact High Tymes or CyberGreg for as they would have much more insight on how to upload those items.


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    Reako. Thanks. I know how to name the files. I need to know how to package them so I can submit them to someone for distribution.

    In other words, what files go into the zip? How do I submit the zip (or do I host it myself?). To what repository? And how do I get it included in the repository listing? I see that people have updates for their Customize mods and SummerBoard. How do they do it?
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    Shoot a pm to the creator of PlainJain and so forth. Um, I forget his name on the forums. Just looked, Gametroll. He has already done exactly what you need. Or just get ahold of High Tymes. He hosts his own source for Summerboard themes. I am sure he has more insight on the how-to's and what not.


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    Thanks. I have now looked into this in some more detail and I am pleased to say that I now have my own source and I can update Aqwoah icons to my heart's content. I am now working on a website and adding the various graphics mods for battery, keypad, calculator, etc.

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    YO! armadillo

    I just installed your keyboard and dialer today. Your stuff is top notch!

    Just incase noone told you that lately.
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    Okay, in case anyone is interested in testing my source. Go to Installer and select the Sources panel. Then click the Edit button followed by the Add button. Enter the following URL: and click OK.

    After Installer has refreshed the sources, you will have a new source called AlohaSoft and Aqwoah will be available under Themes (SummerBoard). Please note that I will almost daily update the theme (we have iApp-A-Day going on). If this bothers you don't do it.

    If anyone has an idea of how I can accomplish the addition of sources to Installer through Safari (like some other repositories have accomplished), I would appreciate any pointers you might have. For now, you will have to add my source in Installer itself.

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    I'm glad you're starting your own repository!
    When I try to Install Aqwoah, it tell me I need SummerBoard installed first. (Which I already have.) Might be a problem in the plist file.

    If you visit on your iPhone it will automatically install the source. So maybe take a look at that file to see what needs to be done?

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    Thx Dash-2. I'll check it out. Now the reason you see the error message is because you are using 1.0.2. I have not found a way to script around the problem. So for now, Aqwoah will only install on 1.1.1. I guess I could add Aqwoah for 1.0.2 as well. Lemme see what I can do.

    Okay. I took out the Preflight portion. So refresh the source and see if it works for 1.0.2 now.
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    Added the source. Installed your theme, under summerboard themes. Since I already had your theme added manually, it simply wrote over what I already had and works fine. Thanks armadillo

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    Just wanted to mention that the source works fine for me. Downloads without a hitch on 1.1.1 firmware. Thanks for all the hard work involved in making my ifone look slick.

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    Yes, I love his work for the iFone.. it turns out really nice. I use it all the time =]
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    Works great on my 1.0.2 too !

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