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Thread: 4 more Prado icons...

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    Default 4 more Prado icons...
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    I'm so glad I don't have to meet The Internet People.

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    man! my favorite theme just got better!!!
    thanks a lot!

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    wow..nice..thx for sharing!

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    how bout an installer icon?
    Hit Thanks!

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    thank you !

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    Quote Originally Posted by uPhone559 View Post
    how bout an installer icon?
    there's already one floating around the forum.
    I'm so glad I don't have to meet The Internet People.

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    what about an icon for xlaunch? thanks for the icons by the way!

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    Hi can anyone make a icon for "pdfviewer" and "iblackjack" ?

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    what about an icon for xlaunch? thanks for the icons by the way!
    Quote Originally Posted by xboxnew View Post
    Hi can anyone make a icon for "pdfviewer" and "iblackjack" ?
    now you can have any icon you want...
    I'm so glad I don't have to meet The Internet People.

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    mm i dont have photoshop so can someone make more icons. like RSS or ishare those kind of 3rd party apps

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    speaking of icons; my now playing "button" has dissappeared even though i can still tap the same area of the screen to get to whats now playing. Anyone have a spare? or can let me know the directory in the phone to get it cuz then i'll just get it from my girlfriends phone.
    None So Blind As Those Who Will Not See

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    hmmm i don´t have Photoshop :-((( It would be nice someone can make it for us

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    Could someone make a sketches icon? That would be awesome

    Thanks in advance.

    -EDIT: nvm..i just used an existing icon to replace it.
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    Hi PLEASE HELP ME PLEASE....can anyone do a iPhysics and icon PLEASE i donīt have photoshop and im a totally noob for doing thoose things please i need only this 2 icons.

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    anyone can help ???

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    no one can help ...cry...

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    I made a quick little half *** Installer.png if anyone wants to use it till they find/make a better one..

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    I installed Summerboard just for the Prado theme. I love the minimalism of it.

    I made 8 new icons for the theme. Just stuff that I was missing. I'll do some more once I get time.

    New icons for: Contacts, Music, Videos, iTunes, Installer, weDict, iAno, PocketGuitar.

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    Some new ones:

    There's an Apple logo that I originally made for iPhysics. I don't know what to use it for, so use it for what you like.

    EDIT: More icons! Redid the iPhysics Einstein. There are two iBlackjack icons so take your pick. By the way, I can't find iBlackjack anymore in the Installer. Where'd it go?
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