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Thread: My personal theme, woody

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    Great site. It's very clean, as is the theme. I sent a donation. It's certainly not much at all, but every so often I'll send some more. Keeping a site up gets pricey.

    I found some problems on the Summerboard end. In order for the icons to appear correctly, you have to use case sensitive wording for the icons' .png files.

    I would copy the Music.png icon and rename it to iPod.png for iPhone users (most likely Music only relates to Touch users and iPod relates to iPhone users so copying and renaming it would satisfy both parties).
    Rename Youtube.png to YouTube.png
    Rename Map.png to Maps.png
    Rename SMBPredfs.png to SMBPrefs.png

    To make a Customize friendly Battery, remove the Background.png file, replace the _ (underscore) in all the BatteryBG files to a - (hyphen) (i.e. BatteryBG-1.png instead of BatteryBG_1.png). Rename BatteryBG_17.png to just BatteryBG.png. That's it; it should work in now.

    Thanks bro.
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    Great looking theme.
    Please upload it to our Download section!

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    Oh, found out something more about the battery. Your battery .png files are 17 pixels/inch, but for them to work in, they need to be 17.01 pixels/inch. An easy way to "fix" this is to open them in and save them again overwriting the same file (if you want or save them elsewhere, whatever).

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    Very Clever...I like this, looking forward to your next themes. Great Job!

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    Scratch that. The 17.01 pixels/inch was the only difference I could find between that and images that worked with Customize, but making that change didn't fix it for the battery. I don't know where to go next with this.

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    This is a beautiful theme. I will gladly donate.

    Please add more icons for the following apps:
    Toggle or Services

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    I found the Books and Press icons in the raw folders. You should copy them out and throw them in the Summerboard icons folder and name them accordingly for Summerboard (Books.png and Uctl.png).

    I also found that the Uctl icon works perfectly for TapTap Revolution.

    Out of interest, has anybody else been able to get the battery images working with after renaming them and uploading them appropriately?

    I'd really like to know and it would help determine if this issue is specific to my installation or lots of people have the same problem?
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    Any way of creating a source link so we can add it to our sources on the iPhone and install it from there? Thank you! By the way, this theme ROCKS!!

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    For the battery issue, I have to look into it.
    I do not have Customize in my iPhone at the moment. Hack... it's not even my iPhone.
    Hopefully I gather enough fund to get a refurb one.

    Meanwhile keep me posted on the test result on your iPhone. I will work closely to fix them according to the feedback. I've updated the filenames & some adjustment.

    My theme work best if you manually replace the default icon in 1.1.1. Same for the battery.

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    I went to your site, but the files have been removed from the download section.

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    Sorry for the broken link.
    The download is up again.

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    Oh yeah, about the request, can you guys submit a list so I can look into them.
    I will need someone to help me on packaging them into Summerboard/Customize package, as I really do not have time to do testing one by one. I would rather spend the time on designing theme. Somebody? At the moment I only do direct replace default icons which works best for me.

    Add-on icons released.
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    wow woody rocks ! great background

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    For those that interested to learn about how & why I use certain icon, you can read about them here.

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    I can package the theme for Summerboard and Customize, but most of the people here would very much enjoy many more icons for 3rd Party applications.


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    How can I say anything except that I am so very impressed with your work! Truly a sight. I hope that you don't mind that in my impatience, I have made an ATTEMPT to creat a couple 3rd part icons. I also made a ticker for my stocks.

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    glad you like it. I have no problem if you want to add your own icon into it.
    Me too are adding more icons for this theme.
    here's some of it:

    all icons are available on my site.
    I've also updated the theme pack for 1.0.2 users. They should now works fine.

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    zwuncki (2007-11-17)

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    I love your themes, esp. your first one. Incredible, damn stylish!!!

    The only thing I have to "complain" (how can you really complan for this amazing, free work) is that there are only a few icons, esp. as I use quite a lot of 3rd party apps it really doesn't match.

    And I can't download your icons pack, no link. Do you update your theme download with new icons so i can download this regular?

    Again: damn good work!

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    The link are still active, I just check them.
    I will add more icons as I said earlier. I takes time, but I will do it.

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    Love it! very unique

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