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Thread: [Release] Mystique

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    I've noticed after upgrading my iPhone to 1.1 that the dock icons are not centered. So I'll me updating that soon and will release a colloquy icon in the near future.

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    iPhone? More like MyPhone
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    Very Nice hope it comes out on Summer Board, It seem that the wall paper get cut out toward the bottom.

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    Sweet. I really like this transparent theme. Very solid work.


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    Default Updated icons

    Download link to updated/completed theme soon.

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    Holy hell what an update! Nice.


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    i just seen it on installer. nice work but i have to edit it out to use some of the icon u put in there but its np..
    by the way did u make the dock icons like the rest..?
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    The dock icons are in there you just need to rename them. For example Phone.png is the default dock icon but there is also an Phone_.png which is the flat version of the icon.

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    I don't see iSwitcher, Pumped, iRadio and My eBay?

    I see My-eBay, but the app doesn't have a dash in it.
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    Next update should fix these issues.

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    Wow ! Great theme ! I can't believe how complete the icons are; the only thing missing is graffiti but that just cam out yesterday hehe ! Great job

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    nice thanks for the hard work...
    heres an icon for maybe u can make it better i dont know
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    this is by far the sexiest iphone theme out. I LOVE it and it inspired me to start working on my own.


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    @LaZARuZ: thanks i'll most likely use that except make the arrow semi-transparent.

    @chordmaster: can't wait to see what you come up with.

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    Whens this new bad boy gonna be released??


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    np do as you will with it...and thanks again for the theme..

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    Please release the update already

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    how come the mail icon doesnt have the box thing? wanna put one??/

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    it does have one, you have to go into the icon folder and just pick which one.. the one with the box is named mail_.png just rename it to mail.png but delete the other one first. im hopeing u know how to do that.?

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    The only icon that's really missing from the update is iSwitcher - anyone want to tackle making one?

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    he has an update on installer and has an iswitcher for you but it looks like customize but with differnt color more darker or something..

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