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Thread: PlainJain, PlainJainDim and BlackJainDim Icon Requests

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    I have a custom theme and I would like to know if it is possible you use the plainjaindim icons with my wallpaper and my dock. can someone please tell me how this can be done. i figure the wallpaper is relatively easy but how can i maintain my custom dock while using the plainjaindim icons. Thanks

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    I'm on 1.1.3, just got everything back up and running, and have PlainJain installed...but, the icon for the Weather app is not being applied. Anyone know what's up there, or how to fix it?

    I tired that directions found here using the MobileFinder app, and deleting the png, but that didn't work as that directory isn't on my iPod... unless I'm looking in the wrong area or something?


    Quote Originally Posted by gametroll View Post
    Hmm... gizmodo says to use to use iBrickr but the iBrickr site linked on the page says that it won't work with 1.1.1.

    Are there any PC guys who've actually done this? Any help?

    Nevermind, figured out I don't need iBrickr. Gonna try the 1.1.2 Jailbreak from the conceited software page.

    Wish me luck.

    Whew! Ok, done and updated to 1.1.2 and jailbroken. Weather icon... is fine. Randomhero... I have no idea what to tell you. :-(


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    can some 1 make an izoo icon

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    simple icon request if you have the time:
    Guitar ( the one where you can actually play a little guitar type thing)
    Currently running: 1.1.4 Jailbroken

    I Don't help much, but if i do hit me up
    with a thanks

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    thanks for the theme!

    2006 Honda CBR600RR

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    Default icons....
    Can you get an BlackJainDim icon just for applications...that would be useful so I can use catagories.

    Thank you, you have the BEST theme out there.

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    You still alive gametroll?
    I'm missing you're theme lately..


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    has anyone made one for iCopter and Insomnia?

    I was also wondering if anyone had modded the mobilechat one so there is no green?

    Thank you.

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    Check his website "c.nash", he posts them there.
    Click that "Thanks" button if I helped you!

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    hi ! And what's his site url please ?

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    icon requests! insomnia, timecapsule, genesis4iphone, snes4ihpne, and pool!

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    what are the changes in 2.7?

    I would like icons for mobiletwitter, snapture, and treasuremytext

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    thanks for this awesome theme.

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    Hi, any chance of an icon for:
    Maps Offline (Maps... but.. well... offline)
    fring (Skype etc..)
    SynchStep (basically iPod but it matches BPM to walking rate)


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    hey matt, first off thanks for this theme...its the only theme i can live with and with vwallpaper out its perfect. making a request out for a few apps - (excuse me if they have already been asked for / on the to do list)

    yes/no - (helps me make life changing desicions at a touch)
    ruBooks - an Ebook reader (does PDF's too!!)
    vwallpaper - allows me to put up my home made s** videos on my home screen for all to see
    ichabber - think msn...aim...and such human interaction alternatives
    shake - game that allows you to shake the clothes off women(if only life was that easy)
    band - loads of musical instruments bundled into one program
    gemlogic - a game in which you arrange gems in a sequence of 3 or more to make em explode
    aMaze - just like labyrinth, metal ball rolling through a maze
    raging thunder - a 3d car racing game

    phew..thats bout it for now. appreciate the effort ( now where did that "thanks in advance" button go ??)

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    Quote Originally Posted by gametroll View Post
    Edit: Have uploaded 1.5 versions including new icons for SMSD, Pumpkin, a couple of requested icons and changes to Labyrinth and Stocks icons.

    Ok folks, it's in installer now. 120 icons in there, and theoretically "complete".

    If you have an icon request post em up and I'll add them as we go. Going to try to scale back to a once a week update. Gotta do my day job from time to time. :-)

    If you have an optional "alt" icon in the same style and want to contribute, let me know that as well. The files are in the downloads section so you can crack it open and play with it as you wish.

    I'm also on the look out for anyone who might want to contribute interesting background wallpapers to go with the themes. The one that's in there is meant to encourage people to use their own, but some don't for some weird reason.

    I'm not copyrighting anything so any contributions need to be entirely your own work, and need to be completely copyright free. I can offer a mention in the installer by name, but that's about all you'll get for your efforts. :-)

    Cheers all!

    Matt Davis aka TARGET aka Gametroll
    do u know where i can download PLAINJAIN icons for my MAC??
    Use REP CODE AZ22805 to get 20% off your whole order @

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    Hey I love these icons and I've visited the website for the latest download, but so many are still missing. If anyone can help, here are some I need.

    Where To?

    Thanks in advance for any help!

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    i dont get it... which version of the 10 or so in the download section do i get? I just got the 2.2 and 1.5 and there isnt even an icon for cydia... so I assume I'm missing a lot of icons...?

    even direct from the plainjain homepage... no app store icon? Among many many others that I have missing?! Thought this theme had been around for years!
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    Is plainjain available for 2.2

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    Icon request for PlainJaneDim:

    App Store
    Bejeweled 2
    Night Camera
    Night Stand
    Sim City

    Thanks in advance!

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