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Thread: Buuf Theme

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    Default Buuf Theme
    Working on a small theme based off Buuf icons. Very Gnome like if you ask me.

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    i did this way back with the first firmware. see here

    you can download the icons in my download for your use if you like.

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    Thanks finagle69 and here I thought I had found something. I'll take your icons and merge them with mine and maybe try to get a complete set out of the deal.

    Sorry I didn't give credit where it was due. Next time maybe I should use the search eh?

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    dude, no problem at all. it seems we had similar tastes in what some icons should be.

    it's funny because just today, i was thinking, "maybe i should update that package and make it a theme for either iswitcher or summerboard". i do a search for "buuf" to quickly find it and i see yours!

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    i did this tonight...
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails -capture1.jpg  

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    Here are a couple that I made using existing icons. Nothing fancy but a good addition to the collection.

    What size are you sizing them to? I found that 70x70 is better then the normal 60x60 because most of them aren't square. The ones below I kept at full size just because I figured you can resize them to fit with whatever you are sizing them to.

    send pics
    send song
    send file

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    those send icons are fantastic!

    i found 65x65 to work the best back in july when i first did it, therefore, all my icons are that size. except the calendar, which for some reason, i had to make 80x80 for it to work correctly. it shows up just fine though.

    you should check out my original download and get the other icons to put on your phone too, the badge and sliders are awesome to complete the theme.

    check out the attachment to see screens of how far i got last night. i think it works pretty well.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails -untitled1.jpg   -untitled2.jpg  

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    Yeah, I have been working on merging some of your icon ideas with mine. Here are some screenshots of mine so far and the Dock icons as well. I also included a zip just in case you wanted to grab a copy.




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    cool, thanks for the link.

    one question:

    did you use photoshop to create your Send*** icons? it looks as though the shadow is not using an alpha channel. i found when i first started my set that i had to use IconWorkshop to open the ico file and then re-save to png THEN open it in photoshop to edit. that was the only way i could preserve true alpha for shadows of icons.

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    yeah I noticed that as well. Thanks for the tip! Do you have any suggestion on a program that would work like icon factory for Mac?

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    Quote Originally Posted by scr4p View Post
    yeah I noticed that as well. Thanks for the tip! Do you have any suggestion on a program that would work like icon factory for Mac?
    IconWorkshop (which is a really good program) will work on PC and Mac. here's their website...

    you can download a 30-day full trial version... or just download one from bittorrent like i did.

    once you have that, the steps i took (if memory serves) were,
    1) convert the Buuf (retail) PNGs to ICO. (be sure to make a copy though, as the tool in the package will convert all PNGs to ICOs but delete PNGs in the process)
    2) open ICO in IconWorkshop and save as PNG w/ transparency.
    3) open in photoshop and edit away!
    4) save from photoshop as PNG.
    5) load on iphone.

    PS: you can use IconWorkshop to easily resize the Buuf PNGs straight up. open in IW, hit the hotkey 'R' for resize, type "65" in the box for pixels (or whatever size you wish), hit ENTER, then Save. This will negate the use of photoshop for most of the icons. the only time you would need to use photoshop is to edit icons themselves (in PNG form of course).
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    oh crap. i read the part where you can "create icons for Mac" assuming that you could install it on a Mac... sorry bro, i just don't know Mac software.

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    no biggy.... I think I figured it out in PS. I will post those icons again tomorrow. If not I will find something that will work on a MAC.

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