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Thread: Tap To Unlock buttons

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    Default Tap To Unlock buttons
    Simply replace:
    with one of the following images, then open:
    and replace "slide to unlock" with " " (two spaces, minus the quotes). Bam, instead of sliding to unlock, you'll be able to tap to unlock.

    For example:

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    cool idea
    Thanks is an acknowledgment

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    nice! but i think slide is still better for me.

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    very nice but yea tap can be dangerous
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    eh, it works for me, pushing a button and then sliding a button was silly when i just wanted to get to my phone. at least now it's just home button/tap screen.

    seems to me that every time i slid my slider to the right and thought i had it unlocked, i'd lift my finger only to watch the slider retract back to it's position, as if it was taunting me.

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    i do have an Iphone with german language and did change the bottombarknobgray.png from your post with Winscp on Windows XP.

    After this i tried to change the text in the slider to " ".
    Cause i'm using german language i searched for "Entriegeln" , the german match to "slide to unlock in the following folder:

    But with WinScp i couldn't find "Entriegeln". I think it's a problem with winscp, so i need a alternative to edit the file, but what can i use.

    I really prefer to use "tap to unlock" and it actually works with the .png, but i cant change the Springboard.strings and parts of the german text "Entriegeln" stay on the right side of the new .png.

    any ideas?

    Herr K.

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    Hey man, I did what you said and the button is there but the "Slide To Unlock" is still gleaming under it...

    What do I do?

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    Found the solution to change Springboard.strings:

    Go to this page and convert the file to ascii/text.

    Make the changes in the text file and upload it to the iphone.
    Works like a charm.

    thank you
    Herr K.

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    Can you upload Springboard.string
    I did it, but wrong. right side is text Slide

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    Here is my Springboard.string, but take care.
    It is for german language in the German.lproj folder.

    Herr K.
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    Can you make SpringBoard.string english?

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    Okay, here is the english SpringBoard.string.

    I also made a png for "tap to answer" for an incoming call.


    with the attached image.

    and find "slide to answer" in

    an do the same like kylgore said in his first post.

    thanks to kylgore
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    Thanks a lot bro

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    can i get this beautiful town wallpaper ?

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    Got the wallpaper from interfacelift, i believe.

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    Can anyone post the english version of the modified strings file? I can't seem to get the ascii converter to work.

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    Post # 13 ?!


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    can someone please upload these to customize?!?!?

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    Nice, that's ballin'.
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