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Thread: New Summerboard Theme

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    Default New Summerboard Theme
    This is a them labeled ChalkWork. The stock iPhone icons were NOT created by myself. It includes all the stock icons, plus a few self made 3rd party icons. Any help in completing the theme is most certainly not frowned upon.

    Note: This does not include all the 3rd party apps.

    The theme with 28 icons is available in the downloads section upon approval- ChalkWork

    If it is not allowed to be mirrored here then the download is here. Please thank Shea for the beautiful work! It was an amazing idea for a theme.
    Any made icons should be updated in this thread, mainly for the availability for other members using the theme. Enjoy!

    A little preview below.
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    One of the funniest threads so far

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    Quote Originally Posted by armadillo View Post
    One of the funniest threads so far
    Um LoL

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    That's exactly where they were from. 4 of those third party apps were made by myself. It isn't no shame, Shea was the one who said they were not able to be released. Hmmm. Now I'm in a hard place. I had no intentions to steal any fire. Believe me.


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    It's all right Reako. A lot of the themes here beg, steal, and borrow from others. In fact, although I try to make my icons unique, some of my own icons occasionally borrow elements from icons I find through Google. I have seen my icons and battery mods re-released in other themes without being asked for permission, although in most cases the re-releasers at least acknowledge that they were taken from other themes. I don't really mind, but it is a bit too much when people start to release themes that they claim are theirs when they're not. In this case, you could have explained the situation as you did in the last post and everything would have been fine. Of course, we wouldn't have gotten the chuckle

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    It's all good. Shea told me this theme would not be released until I finished the third party apps. Apparently he didn't mention it was already for free download on his site. Oh well, Sh*t happens. Still, anybody wanna take some time to help me finish the third party apps??


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    This is a pretty sick theme.

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    My iPhone is a Part of Me
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    Reako dont worrry man !!!! u devoted time to put this togeather .. i dont care what u did what u didnt do !! but u " PUT IT TOGEATHER "

    2 thumbs up buddi.

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    this is one badass theme
    i would totally put that on my phone

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    Haha, you're the man jay.


    Updated first post.
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    so can I dl this or what?

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    It must be approved first.


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    I know...I just didn't know if it was getting approved or not because of the icons coming from else where. I'll try to be patient. I like this theme.

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    Just an FYI, I finally got my computer in Cali so I will be trying to finish this theme now. If anybody has any specific applications please post in here. I will begin making them next week. I need to restore my computer and reinstall CS3 and so forth first.


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    first i have to say that i really love thsi theme and the icons-style.

    I it would be great if you could add some icons, of another often used applications, like

    • "colloquy"

    • "VNotes"

    • "iRadio"

    • "PDFViewer"

    • "RSS"

    • "Books"


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    no updates for such a wonderful theme ?

    its a shame.

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    This is my fav. theme. I want updates pleaseeeeeeeee
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    yeah, i agree with everyone, great theme! if ur gonna make more bout one some of the usual...


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    i created an icon for Customize which i'm using in this theme that you can download here.
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