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Thread: Gunmetal REMASTERED

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    Default Gunmetal REMASTERED
    7/26 UPDATE: Gunmetal Remastered Ice Cool, or GMR IceCool for short. Mashed 5 icons down on the bottom row, demoapp is now being used as a middle graphic, and a mixture of Ice icons with a cool background.. In the ZIP, i included the PSD for DemoApp so you can custom your own area background.. For now, there's a generic apple logo.

    7/25 UPDATE: Both COOL & ICE are updated.. I didn't get to everyone's request yet.. Had a late start on the project tonight.. Tried to take everyone's request into consideration.. Most wanted the TEXT to be hidden so I tried that on the bottom.. And a lot of people didn't like the Cinema Display look, so I used the Safari icon I always go with.. I know you guys wanted the globe, but i figured u can do that one on your own.. Toned down the glow so it's not so overwhelming, and tried to keep it monocolor, without being too black & white & boring.. Also, I picked up the bluetooth headset today, so I added on a Duracell AA for the bluetooth charging.. For those of you who have one, you can check it out.. The rest, it won't show up unless you have the bluetooth dock w/ headset.. Both of the themes contain the battery packs now.. And I'll try to get to more personalized requests during the week.. Hope u guys enjoy.. and remember, POST YOUR PIX!!!

    Hahaha I know I said I would update the other post, but hey.. I redid EVERYTHING in this one.. Same feel to it, just ALOT cleaner images (as I started from scratch again).. All this practice makes better pictures!

    Ok brief description.. I modified the order of the apps AGAIN, so you'll have to update the DisplayOrder.plist with the one I included.. All original icons, none borrowed.. Reworked the bottom row and put Safari back down there.. Im messing around with the distorting of the angles to get the phone and ipod that coverflow look.. but im not happy with how those came out.. You'll have to bear with me until I can master that.. Added the backdrop with and without speakers.. some may feel it's too cluttered down there.. I like a fuller feel personally.. Im a symmetrical type of person so I couldn't leave 3 icons in a row.. so I made DemoApp the first app in the 4th row and made the icon black.. I included a full icon for those eo of you who don't care and wish to display the app..

    IF you choose to rework the DisplayOrder.plist, just a word of advice, that the icons in the 4th row are slightly longer than the other 3 rows, so if u change the order, it may shift some icons up and down and ur rows won't be aligned. u will have to cut them down to size.. Ok guys, install away and send me ur feedback! And don't forget, if u install it.. take a picture and post so I can see.. Thanks for all the positive comments, and I encourage criticism too.. It's the only way these themes are gonna get better..


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    Wow that is fabulous

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    wow! that is a sick layout. great job!

    what does the icon with the radio tower point to?

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    Dude - that is beautiful. I'm thinking THIS is the the one I'm going to load onto my iPhone.

    I love the revised icons, the way you made them extend beyond yet retain the rounded square look. I'm thinking you could take the ring binder on the top of the calendar and make that stick up more, similar to the other icons.

    Great job!

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    Loving it. Best yet. I like the icon arrangement better also.

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    This is your best work yet, Good job.

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    Just LOVE it. Got it all installed. THANK YOU SO MUCH!

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    Thats an awesome skin. I love how you edited the buttonbar with the speakers on the corners. I have my layout exactly the same except I took out the Stocks and FieldTest icons so I have the whole 4th row empty.

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    i got a question, how did you space it so that the fieldtest and demoapps are in the middle?

    i like the ipod vs iphone face off, looks great

    another question, is that you in the photos icon??? hehe

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    Arthur. Its prolly a demoap icon with a black icon. To hide whats behind it. I bet the demo ap is in the displayorder.plist if you look
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    wow very well done i hope to see more like this one. i like how you've changed the format a little

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    I just loaded the previous one lastnight, Now im gonna load this one Thanks bro

    One problem, How come at the bottom of mine by the dock, its showing the text

    Phone, Safari and Ipod ? but in your pic it doesnt show them?
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    A really nice job, digitalkid56!

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    One problem, How come at the bottom of mine by the dock, its showing the text

    Phone, Safari and Ipod ? but in your pic it doesnt show them?

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    I was lazy to write the "Phone, Safari, Icon" text in this screenshot.. but yah, i left that open in case people were confused on what that big cinema display was for.. maybe i'll cover it up in the next release.. lemme know if u like it or not! thanks for the feedback guys..

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    Id rather there be no text on the screen anyway you can make a dock that does that?

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    Love the theme, very impressive work. As a friendly suggestion, I would add a secondary icon for safari. I'm not too keen on the huge monitor myself. I ended up taking the safari icon from your 1.1 pack and using it instead. It doesn't have the reflection needed for the bottom bar but it still looks good (I would take a pic but I'm camra-less at the moment). Anyway just wanted the give due recognition and I can't wait to see what you come up with in the future. Thanks!

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    Quote Originally Posted by itzwiL View Post
    Thats an awesome skin. I love how you edited the buttonbar with the speakers on the corners. I have my layout exactly the same except I took out the Stocks and FieldTest icons so I have the whole 4th row empty.
    OK, so I modified the DisplayOrder.plist file to only have three rows of icons. I have no need for Demo, FieldTest or Stocks. But, i have the icons displayed. How do I disable them from showing. I'd prefer for them to be gone, not just hidden by a "black" icon.

    I love this theme! I had 1.0 but had to do this one when I saw it....


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    Frickin awesome man, I love it! Going to put it on now. Thankz man, great stuff.

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    one of my favorate themes so far! keep going cause it just keeps getting better and more addicting! (sorta like harry potter) haha i already want the next one

    btw mparamore the radio tower button refers to an app called field test which i think just checks singnals and stuff (don't quote me)

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