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Thread: Smooth Iconset ---> Anyone Interested?

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    Thanks Bill69 for the weather icon... it took us like an hour.

    And, as proof that this all looks fine on an iphone...

    Notice the calendar is fine in 1.1.1 (he upgraded, so I couldn't make a nice 1.0.2 calendar icon.

    All this is now updated... with added icons for apps requested.

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    Some apps you are missing:
    VNotes (voice notes)
    Books (eBook reader)
    FiveDice (Yahtzee game)
    LightsOff (game) - has no space in the name
    TTR not TapTapRevolution
    Light (v1.2) not iLight (v1.0)
    Pirate (photo toy)
    Butterfly (game)
    Crossy (snowglobe)
    Balls (demo)
    Sensors (demo)
    15 (game)
    iSaber (toy)
    My eBay
    UIctl (utility)
    iSwitcher (theme manager)
    Tapp (command line util)
    Services (utility)
    Squid (like Finder)

    Nice theme, though!

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    THANKS a ton for the weather icon - looks a TON better now !!

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    Very nice theme, but calendar date is not alligned on 1.0.2 iPhone.

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    BrumBrum74, would you be willing to align it if I sent you a big calendar icon to shrink and manipulate?

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    Unfortunately you are running into the Summerboard 2.11 bug - all icons are aligned based on their original (Application folder) icon size.

    If you put the big calendar icon in the calendar app folder, it should align. It is cool that 1.1.1 works correctly.

    I'll try to work on the icon later tonight for 1.0.2

    BTW, the zip file problem is that it has a lot of Mac only files that aren't needed on Windows and don't expand properly.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AdamJaz View Post
    Added Icons... if there are any you want me to add just tell me the name of the icon as it appears in Springboard, and a brief summary of the application, and I'll add it to the list.

    Iceflow, you have any icons in mind?
    Can you add an icon for Books
    It is an ebook reader application. I was thinking of a stack of different color books for the icon

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    When I do my next batch, I'll just mod the Dictionary icon a bit.

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    Also any chance of an iphone icon for the phone icon - but in your "smooth" way !!

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    I used to see this in Installer before I upgraded to 1.1.1 however I don't see it anymore and I want

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    Its there for me still !

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    I used your theme, it is really great! Thanks very much

    I missed the FiveDice icon, so made one myself:

    Also I changed the Clock icon:

    Maybe you like them, if so please use them!
    Thanks again for the skin
    Last edited by sandman4sure; 2007-10-25 at 10:59 AM.

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    When is this purty thing going to be updated ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by AdamJaz View Post
    Dozens and dozens of apps supported, if it's not, request it.
    SendSong and Services

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    This is so beautiful!! I already have something similar in my iBook, now they are in my iPhone! Thanks AdamJaz for putting this up!

    I just got a version 1.0 of this in my iPhone via installer, but it suddenly disappeared... what happened??

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    Default Weather Icon
    I just installed Smooth from Installer, and it still has the rose icon for the weather. Where can i get the new one?

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    great work.
    a rss icon would be so cool.
    btw. why is the weather icon the only one which is not working O.o

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    SSH into your phone and make sure the icon is labeled "Weather" under the Icons folder.


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    An icon for would be awesome!

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    Thanks for the great skin, I started using it yesterday with 1.1.2, the only icons that it did not have are:

    SSH (this is the utility that has a lightswitch looking icon, used to turn SSH off and on)

    and iFlix (this great app just came out a few days ago for managing your netflix queue, I am currently using the "videos" icon for this.

    Thanks again for the great skin, so far it's my favorite!

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