The French website which is notorious for leaking new photos, has shared new photos for another possible third-party case for the rumored “iPad Pro” tablet. The black protective cover has cutouts for a Lightning connector, rear-facing camera, microphone, volume switch, mute switch and power button. The case resembles a design consistent with previous iPad Air and iPad mini designs. One thing to note is that the case doesn’t have a cutout on the left side like the iPad Pro case that surfaced last month. It doesn’t have speaker cutouts due to having a different design that leaves the top and bottom edges exposed either.

For those of you who didn’t know, this is the second third-party case that has surfaced from a Chinese accessory manufacturer. The manufacturer behind the case also makes cases for the iPad Air 2 and provided another side-by-side comparison picture of how much larger the iPad Pro could be alongside current iPad models. We do have to take the whole ordeal with a grain of salt as it isn’t exactly a credible source of information but the case does appear to be consistent with past leaks. The photos tend to lack an object for reference size though but the case does appear to be large enough to house a “12.2’’ to 12.9’’ screen.

The third-party case leaks for the iPad Pro have provided the clearest hints about the sizing, features and design of the 12-inch tablet. This is because of the lack of physical hardware and component leaks for the device. As of right now, the iPad Pro is rumored to feature a triple-core A8X or A9 processor, 2 GB of RAM and Touch ID and may even ship with an optional stylus. We’ll have to wait and see which of the rumors and reports are accurate and which are not by waiting for more concrete information to be revealed.