On Tuesday, following the update to Google Chrome and the release of Google's new News & Weather application, Google has also released an iPad version of its YouTube Creator Studio application for the iOS platform.

Google's YouTube Creator Studio application initially launched on the iOS platform back in July, and until now in version 1.1 of the application, YouTube Creator Studio was intended for the iPhone and iPod touch only. YouTube Creator Studio allows YouTube channel owners to control and manage their YouTube account. Features include:

  • Monitor the statistics and analytics of your channel to see how things are going
  • Filter and respond to comments from people who are watching your videos
  • Choose your own rules for push notifications so you can stay in the loop with what happens
  • Manage any details and settings for videos on your channel

The YouTube Creator Studio application is a universal application, which means that iPad users don't have to download a separate version of the application. If you want to download YouTube Creator Studio for iOS on your iPhone, iPod touch, and/or iPad, you can download it for free right now from this App Store link.

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