On Monday, Hewlett-Packard confirmed that the company will break into two companies.

Although more questions were raised than asked from today's initial announcement, HP says
the objective is to divide itself into companies with diverse interests.

One half, we're told, will be aimed squarely at business technology -- computer servers, data storage resources, software and related services. The other will sell personal computers and printers.

A major focus of the later will be tablets, as HP strives to grab a bigger chunk of a market largely dominated by Apple and Samsung.

HP says both companies will be publicly traded.

“Our work during the past three years has significantly strengthened our core businesses to the point where we can more aggressively go after the opportunities created by a rapidly changing market,” said Meg Whitman, Chief Executive Officer of HP. “The decision to separate into two market-leading companies underscores our commitment to the turnaround plan."

Although HP hasn’t given much focus to the Windows tablet market (they've focused mostly on Android), it's a safe bet that Windows will now play a larger role in HP's efforts as the company strives to become a bigger, more diverse player across the tablet landscape.

Source: HP (News release via NY Times)