Although Apple’s contract with the Los Angeles Unified School District was recently canceled, the company still has a chance to win the contract again. Apple is currently set to bid on the $1 billion project despite all of the recent news. According to The Wall Street Journal, both Apple and Pearson had their contracts severed by Los Angeles officials but will still be supplying new bids. It should be noted that the previously canceled contract leaves Apple starting from scratch once again.

The original contract sought out a $1 billion rollout of iPads which were equipped with digital textbooks from Pearson to all public schools students in the LA Unified School District. The project ended up running well over its budget and more recently was scrutinized as top employees at the district were accused of having close ties with Apple. The accusations gave a potential conflict of interest which ended up in the deal’s cancellation.

There isn’t any timeframe as to how the future re-bidding process will work so we’ll have to wait and see. The LA Unified School District will also have several issues to face and resolve including the fact that it has spent $61 million on tablets and laptops for roughly 40 schools, which ends up accounting for roughly 4% of the district.

Although Apple will be a part of the bidding process once again, the company hasn’t said anything about the contract cancellation nor has it responded to accusations of working closely with the district superintendent to close the deal.

Source: The Wall Street Journal