On Thursday, Disney released a new iPad application called Star Wars Scene Maker in the iOS App Store.

As you can probably put together from the name of this new application, it's an interactive application that will allow you to create your own Star Wars scenes, choose the characters that are going to be in the scene, control what happens in the scene, and record your scenes for future viewing:

In creating your own scenes, you will be able to create your own three-dimensional environment and play with three-dimensional Star Wars characters, weapons, and vehicles. You will be able to make the characters say whatever you want by way of built-in dialogues from the movies, or you can record your voice using Star Wars character filters to make you sound more like the character – this will give you a little more control over what the characters say.

The application is only for the iPad, and due to the nature of the application, such as the intense graphics demands, it works best of the latest generations of iPad and iPad mini. It will work on older iPads, but it may be more sluggish. It requires iOS 7 to be installed.

Star Wars Scene Maker is sure to appeal to all Star Wars fans with iPads! If you would like to give Star Wars Scene Maker a try, it's available for free in the App Store at this link.

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