Apple’s flagship iPad Air and iPad mini with Retina Display gets added to their long-running education discount program recently. This is the first time Apple has included tablets in their less costly options for students and teachers. The changes were first noticed by French site iGeneration, as the base model iPad Air gets discounted $30 making it $469 and iPad mini with a $20 price cut making it $379.

These cuts mark the first time iPads received a straight price cut as part of their education program. In the past, tablets were only included in the company’s annual ‘Back to School’ promotion with a $50 gift card and no further discounts. In recent years, the company has renewed its focus on the education market with the Mac, iPad, iTunes U, and iBooks textbooks with it contributing to more than $1 billion in sales for Apple each year. In specific, the iPad captures 94% of tablet market share in schools.

During a corporate earnings call last year, Apple CEO, Tim Cook said:

It's sort of unheard of. I've never seen a market share that high before. So we feel like we're doing really well here, and feel great to be making a contribution to education.
Source: iGeneration