The newest installment of the “Your Verse” iPad media campaign was posted on Apple’s website recently. This time, it highlights the fact that the tablet can help assess sports-related concussions, which was difficult before because it was a task that relied on subjective reporting methods. Jason Cruickshank, an athletic trainer at St. Edward High School, uses an iPad and specialized C3 Logix concussion assessment app to monitor possible symptoms under his care.

Cruickshank logs a baseline assessment of each athlete in a normal state and then syncs it to the cloud for storage. This way, if a possible event occurs, he can retest an athlete and compare results to the baseline. Apple mentioned the following in their advertisement:

In the past, it was easy to miss a concussion because of highly subjective reporting from athletes and errors made during paper-and-pencil data collection. But with iPad and the app, Cruickshank can make injury assessments based on precise measurements. Using iPad with C3 Logix, we get hard, factual data that we can put in front of the athlete and say, ‘Look, this is where you should be.'
As part of the C3 Logix system, the iOS app collects multiple players’ cognitive information with the iPad’s hardware. According to Cruickshank,

We needed an accelerometer, a gyroscope, and a great display to be able to objectively test balance, vision, and reaction time. The iPad gave us all of that in a single device.
The C3 Logix app can be used to monitor performances continuously, and when injured players get better, comparison of previous data can be viewed to see the players’ progression. By having all the information in front of you, the iPad helps with a fast and safe recovery.

Source: Apple