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Thread: Microsoft Office May Come to the iPad Sooner Than Most Think, Maybe Before Windows 8

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    Default Microsoft Office May Come to the iPad Sooner Than Most Think, Maybe Before Windows 8

    A recent report claims Microsoft may actually take the wraps off of an iPad version of its Office productivity suite before releasing a touch-able iteration on the company’s own Windows 8 platform. S that Microsoft is biding its time with an Office for iPad release gathered steam after Microsoft’s Executive Vice President of Marketing, Tami Reller, said the company was taking a “thoughtful” approach to cross-platform models.

    A follow-up report from the folks over at ZDNet claims the industry-leading productivity suite may actually land on iPad well before Windows. According to the publication’s sources, the made-for-iPad iteration bears the codename “Miramar” and is likely to make it to the market ahead of a touch-first Windows implementation named “Gemini.” Mary Jo Foley of ZDNet explained that Microsoft’s last public statements concerning Miramar hinted it would land after Gemini later this year, news which came out after rumors pegged the Office for iPad project as “dead in the water.”

    Sources are now claiming that late Microsoft higher ups like former CEO Steve Ballmer agreed with a suggestion from the Office team to push out the iPad iteration as soon as it was ready. Apparently the iPad version is in a more advanced stage of development compared to a Windows 8 solution, meaning it will likely debut first.

    Although the publication’s sources don’t know an exact release date, some are looking at a rollout sometime in the first half of 2014. The purchase structure is also unknown, though Foley has heard it will require a subscription through Microsoft Office 365, much like the existing iPhone product. Ultimately we’ll just have to wait and see.

    Source: Computer World, ZDNet

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    I hope it does. I'm sick of working around it on my iPad using "3rd Party" apps. It would also give my work a reason to buy more iPads than Windows tablets

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    Pages has compatibility with word
    No dough numbers has to with excel

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    Yeah no thanks I have pages, and chances are this Office for iPad is going to cost a fortune.

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    Microsoft office is a cash cow for Microsoft and if they did this would be a death call to Microsoft on a mobile phone or tablet

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    Office 365 sucks raw sewage, and there are already office iOS apps, they worthlessly require office365 to work. I won't use any program that is not autonomous on my device. At least pages runs locally, even though it stores in the cloud.

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    Next story please, thanks, this is a hacking website.

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    If other apps such as QuickOffice Pro, Documents To Go, can be a one time purchase, I can't see why M$ do the same thing. Yearly subscriptions are a brutal.

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    Quote Originally Posted by exNavy View Post
    Next story please, thanks, this is a hacking website.
    Not completely a hacking website.

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    Quote Originally Posted by exNavy View Post
    Next story please, thanks, this is a hacking website.
    If you're looking for a hacking website, go somewhere else. This is anything but a hacking site. Jailbreaking is not "hacking", more like modding. Until this site publishes methods on how to exploit the deep-down iOS code or how to get into wifi networks using Aircrack or something on your iDevice, it never will be a hacking site.

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    Should have been out with the first iPad. Hurry up and wait. Whats the point of calling it a great business tool when it doesn't run what all business pro's use...OFFICE. Either way its going to probably be subscription based like Office 365. If thats the case, I'll have my company pick up the bill. Only reason I use Office at all is for my job.

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