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Thread: LA School Board Decides to Spend $115 Million Tech Budget on iPads

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    Default LA School Board Decides to Spend $115 Million Tech Budget on iPads

    The LA Board of Education has voted to continue its efforts to provide every student and teacher in the LA Unified school district with a computer by approving a new $115 million proposal to distribute iPads to 38 more campuses. The proposal also calls for the purchase of laptops for every student at seven high schools and also picks up a few thousand extra iPads for new state tests in spring. Overall, the board thinks it will buy somewhere around 67,500 new tablets just for the spring testing, even though an oversight committee recommend only purchasing 38,500.

    The board decided getting everyone the same model at the same time is important for revolutionizing education, even though the $1-billion effort is expected to exhaust all their tech funds made available by voter-approved school-construction bonds. The proposal removed a cap on how many iPads the school district could purchase for its spring testing. At $768 per iPad, LA Unified pays one of the highest prices among school districts. The deal also includes curriculum in the cost, but Apple also said that its willing to provide the new iPad Air for no extra cost. Apples iPads are only used for testing and will cost the district $200-$300 less per device.

    The school district began distributing iPads to 47 school in the fall but decided to use laptops at high schools after board members were concerned an iPad was the wrong device. The board has been pushing to launch the program to all of its schools as quickly as possible in an effort to revolutionize education and give low-income students more access to technology.

    Well have to see what happens by waiting patiently.

    Source: LA Times

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    wonder how long before they get jailbroken

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    Quote Originally Posted by adsn76 View Post
    wonder how long before they get jailbroken
    Forget jailbreak, kids were deleting the profiles and gaining access to restricted apps from day 1!

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    My school just purchased Dell tablets for 4 grades, so about 2000 kids. We're the test round, eventually they will get other grades the tablets.

    They are the worst. Forget jail breaking, half of these tablet have trouble connecting to wifi. The school installed monitoring software on them, the camera works but sucks major, major ballsack, and the keyboard is so bad that even handwriting would be faster. There is also no autocorrect, which obviously drastically lowers your typing speed. We joke that their only useful feature is to charge out iPads, because they have a powered USB port.

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    HAHA! Here we go again..only took about a 2 weeks for students to start jailbreaking them. I understand the incentive. Its just hard to trust someone with that kind of device..especially when there are no consequences. When I lost a book, I didn't get my report card or I had to pay for it. Wonder if there are any consequences for losing or stealing one of these....?

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    Bigboy, I agree. The problem with the welfare state we are creating is we are giving handouts without an expectation of responsibility in return.

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    So is the LAUSD going to be spending $1+ billion every 2 or 3 years on new stuff? What a fantastic waste of money.

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    Quote Originally Posted by buggsy2 View Post
    So is the LAUSD going to be spending $1+ billion every 2 or 3 years on new stuff? What a fantastic waste of money.
    The nice part about iPads and working with iPads is that Apple will usually give you about 50-70% of the value of each iPads towards and newer product if you trade the old devices in. They usually do this for schools and how some schools always have the latest apple computers and iPads.

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    Give something to private schools

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    Quote Originally Posted by kosher1 View Post
    Give something to private schools
    Screw private schools. They don't care about anything but making money.

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