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Thread: Delta Airlines Changes Course on Apple iPads

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    Default Delta Airlines Changes Course on Apple iPads

    After an extensive iPad trial, Delta Airlines has made it official. The airline is not sticking with Apple. Instead, Delta is going to equip pilots with the Surface 2.

    Surprising some, Delta opted against using the iPad for its planned electronic flight bag program despite the reliance upon iPads by other rival airlines. Delta, however, has other plans.

    "In less than two years, Delta cockpits will be paperless as we roll-out the Microsoft Surface 2 tablet running Windows 8.1 RT as our company-issued device," the airline notified employees.

    "The 757/767 fleet will be the first to make the transition with the 777, 747 and MD88 as fast followers," the statement continues. "Look for an announcement from Delta and Microsoft in the coming days about our partnership on the initiative."

    According to a published report from WindowsITpro, Delta still lets pilots bring their own iPads with them on flights. "But with the move to company-standard Surface 2 devices," the report reads, "that could be changing." Delta reportedly wants current iPad Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) users to transition to a company-issued device.

    Source: WindowsITpro

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    Looks like Microsoft is desperate to sell them at a cheap price lol jk

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    Ouch why RT? Their IT dept needs to be fired hahahaha!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Silverado1987 View Post
    Looks like Microsoft is desperate to sell them at a cheap price lol jk
    No that's not a joke... That HAS to be the case... Otherwise it doesn't make sense... If Microsoft is willing to give it to them for so cheap, why wouldn't they take it? It's mostly for replacing their freakin manuals anyway... The rest is just icing on the cake that they'll be able to do.

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    Big mistake Delta.

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    This one have M$ publicity stunt written all over it

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    I guarantee the pilots aren't for this move. It's an option to use a tablet w/ an OS that is hated more than Vista, which I never thought could happen, and isn't even out yet so who knows what to expect over a trusted tablet that has already proven itself worthy time and time again.

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    Good to see that Delta are trying something different rather than just follow everyone else. Its a company supplied machine, they don't need users to have a say in what is provided free to them

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    Microsoft definitely gave them a deal! It's kind of sad to see them stoop to this level to get a product pushed out. I bet the pilots are not happy about it, I'm sure most will bring their own iDevice.

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    The pilots were probably having too much fun with their iPads, so Delta decided to punish them with Win 8 lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by REMED1AL View Post
    I guarantee the pilots aren't for this move. It's an option to use a tablet w/ an OS that is hated more than Vista, which I never thought could happen, and isn't even out yet so who knows what to expect over a trusted tablet that has already proven itself worthy time and time again.
    It has more to do with overall system integration and that's where MAC/IOS doesn't do it. I don't care for windows and support use of foreflight in particular on the iPad (for flight planning only and as an airline pilot I don't need that), but beyond that it's just a pain in the backside for anything else I might have for dispatch, planning, documentation etc etc - all the things that as a pilot i need. In fact I went over to android for my personal flying stuff just for that reason.

    As a commercial pilot, it doesn't surprise me a bit.

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    Yet another reason not to fly Delta. Soon from now we will hear the story of the recovered black box, "Oh crap the tablet blue screened, I don't know what way we are going! Oh no! I think we losing altitude. sst%#(he's hew^()ewrer $%#34 !" .....

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    You know the crappy things will BSoD while shooting an approach to minimums. "&$^>!!# what was the minimum descent altitude again?" "I dunno captain the ()&!!#|! Tablet failed again!" "Well what's the missed approach procedure??"

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    Yikes! Wonder how long until the first Airplane crash due to the first WindowsRT crash!

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    It's good to see delta isn't mindless

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    Quote Originally Posted by Feanor64 View Post
    It's good to see delta isn't mindless
    There not mindless just cheap

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    Probably suggested by their IT dept, that's how IT retains their job. PC ITs actually prefer Mac at home, don't have to mess with the headache but need the job.

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    The surface 2 is in a completely different category than the iPad. 8gb of ram, 512gb hard drive, not locked down, etc.
    It baffles me that people still think the way they do. Remember, competition is what makes the competitors step up their game. Without competition your sheep following the Sheppard. The great innovators are gone from Apple as thus we keep getting the same iPad over and over again. But I get it, people always think the item they possess is the best and belittle everything they can't afford. Check out the Honda forums. We all know Honda is not the best car on the road, but for the people that can only afford Hondas they are the best in the world. When I hear people trash the Surface Pro, I think a. they can only afford the iPad they currently own, or b. they are waiting for the next device to become very popular to jump on the band wagon.
    So keep laughing at the Surface Pro, you will be the one missing out.

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    The only problem I see regarding this: Windows RT has almost no true third party support and is not really compatible with standard Win8. That alone makes it no better than a standard embedded platform, which can become more expensive to maintain.

    To whoever said the device isn't 'locked down' like iPads: RT doesn't allow for program to be installed without it being certified for use (so someone has to basically pay MS for an enterprise certification to install programs on RT devices; not much different than the iOS ecosystem). That pretty much means it is still locked down in regards to software/OS. I wonder if Microsoft also paid for the specific program software Delta requires, otherwise that is a good amount of added overhead (compared to the iOS/standard Windows ecosystem and the established software available for those platforms).

    IMHO, Delta probably should have stuck with a better known system used pretty much anywhere (be it iOS or standard Intel-based Windows), just due to the cheaper costs to implement and maintain for multiple years. But money does talk...
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    One of the supposed factors in this decision is the fact that Microsoft is a huge Delta customer....

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