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Thread: Article: Horrible Idea of the Day: US Newspapers Planning Own Tablet to Compete With iPad

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    Default Horrible Idea of the Day: US Newspapers Planning Own Tablet to Compete with iPad

    The Tribune Company, who owns a number of newspapers like the LA Times, Chicago Tribune and Baltimore Sun, is exploring the idea of producing a subsidized Android tablet, built by Samsung, to compete with Apple's iPad and other tablets.

    Lately in the world of politics and business and life in general, a lot of important and powerful people have been making some amazingly stupid decisions. Newspaper execs may be taking the crown of "horrible last ditch effort to save a dying industry" with them this week.

    It gets worse though. Tribune wants to offer the tablet for free or "at a highly subsized price." Subsidies work for companies that, you know, make money off their consumers subscriptions. Newspaper subscriptions aren't what they used to be, and I'd be impressed if they recouped the cost of such an investment before the user jumped ship to a better platform.

    While this does make little to no sense for a company that has been staving off bankruptcy for the last half a decade, offering a free tablet with every subscription does seem like an easy way to increase readership. However, the Kindle version of the New York Times costs $20 a month which is $240 a year. At that price it'd take multiple years for a company to recoup the investment of subsidizing a $500 (minimum) device fully and begin making any money at all.

    Source: CNN
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    I think this is a fantastic idea. The faster that slanted company goes out of business the better.

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    So do less work and earn more money by just making an app. Or do more work and earn less money by making a tablet
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    Pathetic Don't they know? Nothing can compete with the iPad i don't care if has a quad-core dual-core, it just wont happen.

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    uh oh, they made a tablet? apple will sue because its rectangular shaped and has a touch screen.

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    This has to be some kinda joke! No one in their sane mind would blow/invest in such a lame idea. Most of the news or maybe the most important news gets tweeted or Facebook nowadays. I wish I had large sums of money to make me stupid like these idiots!

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    If they signed the right kind of deals for something like the kindle they should be able to move a ton of units on the cheap. wouldn't even take a year to recoup the cost of a base model kindle. Not to mention the fact that they could scale back printings to save money there.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jOnGarrett View Post
    uh oh, they made a tablet? apple will sue because its rectangular shaped and has a touch screen.
    LOL! Nice.

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