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Thread: Facebook App for iPad Coming Soon

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    Default Facebook App for iPad Coming Soon

    Although the Facebook application for iPhone has been out since 2008, ever since the release of the iPad, there has been no official Facebook application for the device. The New York Times reports that Facebook is planning on releasing an official iPad application soon.

    The respective people who spoke to NYT, who asked to remain unnamed, mentioned that development for the iPad application has been ongoing for a year now and is in the final stages of testing. They also said that the application is coming in the next few weeks and will be available for free.

    A particular person who works directly with Mark Zuckerberg, the chief executive and founder of Facebook, says that Zuckerberg has been overseeing the project heavily and has invested a lot of time and effort to ensure that all the respective features and functionalities are met.

    According to sources, the Facebook for iPad application is slick, well-designed, and incorporates a lot of functions with the touchscreen functionality of the iPad. Users have complained that Facebook has not been tailored well for the iPad environment so they have resorted to alternative applications like Friendly or My Pad. The Facebook for iPad application will make sure that these expectations are met.

    Facebook declined to speak about the rumored application release.

    Source(s): New York Times
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    Is this why the iPhone Facebook app still sucks?

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    I wonder if Mr Hotz has been working on this...

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    Go to the iPhone app in itunes and see how many people have asked for an ipad version. It's about every 2nd review at least.

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    ...and incorporates a lot of functions with the touchscreen functionality of the iPad.

    Finally, someone is going to use the iPad's touchscreen! I'm tired of all those damn apps that only use the physical buttons on my device...

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    Wow, this totally contradicts news articles I read just a few months ago that said Facebook hadn't released a native iPad app and wasn't planning on doing so because they were working on a mobile web version specifically for tablets instead (perhaps that's the Spartan thing from your earlier article). Were they just being coy? Well, regardless, I'm glad to hear this news. I've been using MyPad and it's pretty good, but lacks many features that I hope Facebook has implemented into their own app.
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    I hope this comes true. Other iPad FaceBook apps have such trouble with interface. I use Friendly for iPad and I cannot update by business pages w/o my personal profile showing.

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    Its about time!

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    This took incredibly long

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    Quote Originally Posted by NakedFaerie View Post
    Go to the iPhone app in itunes and see how many people have asked for an ipad version. It's about every 2nd review at least.
    I know, it's pretty intense. Hopefully Facebook will follow through and satisfy its customers.

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    I hope its better than the iphone app cuz i cant even delete any fb messages, they just come right back, and thats just one of the many bugs in that app....come on hire a good dev, you know you got the $$$

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    But in the mean time, the Facebook iPhone app runs great on the iPad with FullForce.

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