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Thread: MobilEcho Delivers New Enterprise Solutions to the iPad

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    Default MobilEcho Delivers New Enterprise Solutions to the iPad

    In the short time that the iPad has been available to consumers around the world, it has taken he enterprise world by storm. But along the way, no shortage of snags have been reached, but not from the demand-side. In fact, the iPad is so in-demand among end users within small businesses and major corporations alike, that IT managers are being driven crazy by how non-friendly the iPad is in many ways with regard to enterprise-use.

    But the folks at GroupLogic have effectively removed one of the biggest enterprise-related headaches previously incumbent upon the tablet. And for this reason, the product in question is being hailed as a real "game changer" for enterprise and the evolution of mobility. Meet MobilEcho, a new service that is garnering a great reputation for providing secure, managed access to file servers for iPad users in businesses, schools, government agencies, etc. In short, mobilEcho gives mobile users anytime, anywhere access to their important files, something that - until now - was not an easy-as-pie task.
    Here’s how mobilEcho works: enterprise IT can now provide secure access to enterprise file servers for any iPad user, eliminating the need for work-arounds that compromise the security of critical corporate assets and files. Time-sucking and security-violating actions like emailing files to yourself or uploading critical files into unsecure, third-party consumer cloud storage systems are no longer necessary to address the demand for access to corporate files and content.
    The free mobilEcho app can be installed on numerous iPads, but mobilEcho requires a mobilEcho server. There are various pricing options depending on your needs, but you can get a free trial of the server software before pulling the trigger.

    In checking out the app and prodding into its functionality, I recruited a few expert sets of IT eyeballs to join me in scoping out the creation from GroupLogic. Where we all agreed is that mobilEcho is not practicing false advertising when it claims to improve one's mobilefile management strategy. In fact, without this app, it's easy to see how many enterprise needs would go unmet, particularly for small businesses that lack the budgets and the IT underpinnings to rig a workable system otherwise.

    As advertised (and explained in the video above), mobilEcho allows for the encryption and secure transfer of files on iPad, "ensuring corporate assets are not compromised in transit." As you would hope, the app also provides users with the ability to access, browse, preview, cache and search files on Corporate File Server through a familiar, PC-style intuitive application interface. GroupLogic says they've made it simple to use with virtually no end-user learning curve, and I would fully concur with that assessment after exploring all the mostly straightforward attributes of this app/software.

    Other features include:

    • Integrate easily with Active Directory, enforcing user access rights and file permissions;
    • Configure and deploy both server and client software in less than 10 minutes ensuring IT can get up and running quickly;
    • Enforce unique application requirements, including turning off or on features based on the enterprise’s unique security requirements, including the end-user’s ability to email files, view files in third-party applications and store files on-device.

    To find out more about GroupLogic MobilEcho or to try it out for yourself, click here.

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    this is interesting

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