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Thread: Amazon CEO: PSSST! Indlekay Abletay Oonsay!

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    ^^^what language is that?

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    Quote Originally Posted by skiptowncat View Post
    ^^^what language is that?
    Pig Latin.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheDirtyDiddler View Post
    Android is trying to cover way too much ground.

    It's only a matter of time before they develop a touchsurface table.
    That would be so sweet! I would buy one of those, especially if it was jailbreakable!

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    Quote Originally Posted by The Man of Sand View Post
    That would be so sweet! I would buy one of those, especially if it was jailbreakable!
    They already made it I believe. If I remember correctly there was a table made where you could plug in your iPod or iPhone and it would project it on the table and you can use it that way. It may have been a project that never saw the light, but it was featured on MMi.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rob2G View Post
    What is the title of this article? I don't speak mexicanese.
    Its pig latin, It says Kindle Tablet Soon

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    Quote Originally Posted by ipodtouchman77 View Post
    Its pig latin, It says Kindle Tablet Soon
    It actually says Kindle Table Soon

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    I like how you can tell who read the whole thread before replying and who didn't by the people who are still responding to the mexicanese post. 10 bucks says it happens throughout the rest of this threads lifetime.

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    ndroidaa abletsa ucksa allsba

    translation: android tablets suck balls

    I HATE reading books on my iPad. The glare is effin redicululous! The kindle is amazing at what it does and unless amazon could pull off the crazy monotone noglare matte LCD the changes between e-ink style no glare and stand LCD that some random small company showed off on a computer that I saw once on engadget then amazon needs to get the head on straight and stick to android and iOS book sales through their app and device sales through a device that actually mimics a book and not a headache.

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    yea i'll keep a look out for the new kindle table -___-

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