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Thread: Genius Tab Turns Up in iPad App Store

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    Default Genius Tab Turns Up in iPad App Store

    If it hasn't been clear just how aggressively Apple is pushing all things Genius Bar-related in its hardware, software, and customer service endeavors, look no further than to what has turned up in the iPad App Store - an official Genius recommendation tab. Previously, Genius recommendations for the iPad was only available through the desktop iTunes interface. Now, it's finally gone mobile for the iPad App Store.

    In a nutshell, the Genius tab serves up helpful hints and suggestions regarding other apps you may be interested in downloading based on previous purchases and indicated preferences. In a vast ocean of applications that have become nearly impossibly to swiftly sift through, the Genius recommendations may, in fact, achieve Apple's stated goal of helping users find the apps that are "right for them."

    To go along with the Genius-update to the iPad App Store, Apple has also rolled out a new “Try Before You Buy” feature, which spotlights paid applications through free or, as Apple puts it, "light" versions of those very apps. Much like the not-so-subtle sales effort that is the Genius recommendation tab, this freshly introduced "Try Before You Buy" scheme is clearly meant to get you hooked on apps by making them easier to discover and engage with, particularly if you're among those who prefer to live in the free apps section and never browse those that actually come with a price tag.


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    It took them long enough
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    THATS sweeet... what is jailbreak?

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    They haven't done that during the development of the iPad?! How shocking!
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    I like this new Try Before You Buy feature. Currenty, the only thing holding jailbreaking back from being mainstream is the fact that so many people install illegal apps. This new section might help defer that. And that will make everyones life better.

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    No it won't... People
    Will try the apps, like them, then download them... It's more like, try before you download.

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    Quote Originally Posted by iLoveWindows&iPhone View Post
    No it won't... People
    Will try the apps, like them, then download them... It's more like, try before you download.
    DISCLAIMER: I do not promote stealing. People deserve to be paid for their work.

    Actually, no. Maybe that's how some people work, but the majority of people that I know buy the apps they like.

    The only reason I do use cracked apps is so I can try before I buy. Doing so has saved me money on over 50 piece of crap apps that I would never have used and would have been a waste of money. Those 50+ apps were quickly deleted. That said, I have purchased at least 10 apps because I LIKED them after trying them. I understand that developers need money just like I do when I go to work, so I compensate them, if I use their app.

    Developers charging 4.99 for an app thats more worthless than a snorkel for a mentally challenged kid just doesn't make sense. At least I can return the snorkle when I have realized I've made a mistake...

    I will probably stop using the frowned upon try before you buy system all together if this new one from apple works the way it sounds like it will! I'm excited at how much more convenient this will be. Also, people can stop being dicks cause I download cracked apps as a trial service.

    What's really funny is that the ONLY time I've ever bought an app was either when my phone was jailbroken (so I could get a "trial" version) or when a friend already had the full version and I could try it out. I'd say this is the smartest thing apple has done to the app store since the release of the app store itself.

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    Doesn't everybody realize "Try before you buy" is just a new category for apps? There have ALWAYS been free or "lite" versions of paid apps in the App store. Not all paid apps have a "lite" version though, and this doesn't change that fact at all!
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    I guess that's still a problem then. I want a limited testing period on the apps like for some of the Cydia or Rock apps. It just makes sense! What the he'll am I supposed to do with a feature limited version? How can I tell if it will really be useful? I can't. It's retarded and unequivalent.

    Well, whatever. My system to try is a little more work, but it's the only way I'll purchase anything, and since I do, there shouldn't be any starving good developers.

    Crappy developers don't deserve the free money they get off of their sales of shitty products or their iAd schemes.

    If only user ratings really impacted my decisions that much. Too bad it's to each his/her own...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dash-2 View Post
    I like this new Try Before You Buy feature. Currenty, the only thing holding jailbreaking back from being mainstream is the fact that so many people install illegal apps. This new section might help defer that. And that will make everyones life better.
    I have to disagree. Apple is holding the jailbreak back from being "mainstream"(and that depends on what you call mainstream). They will continue to, until forced by the government not to. Being able to lock the OS from users and developers has a few advantages. The biggest of which is PROFIT. The App store is a PROFIT center, plain and simple. If I could load apps from Cydia, Rock, or wherever without having to pay Apple, how would Apple get their portion of my paycheck?

    As I said before, it is in their best interest to continue to prevent jalbreaking. I just don't understand how Microsoft can get brought to court by the US Govt over the IE issue, but Apple can say "You can only install what we let you, and only if you buy it from us". They don't do this on the Macs.

    What if Sony did that on the Vaio line of notebooks? Do you think anyone would stand for it?

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    Genius has always sucked, They ALWAYS suggest stupid things !!!

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    There is absolutely no logic in the apps that it suggests. How does me having "AA Companion" make anyone think I may be interested in some drawing/doodling app?horrible implementation of a very good idea.

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    ive always found this usefull but ya about time

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