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Thread: Computex Tablet Frenzy Turns Heads

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    Re: thumbdrives

    I disagree partly on one level:
    until "the cloud" is unlmited and upload speeds are sufficient, I cannot email myself a 250mb multiple layered hi resolution Photoshop document.
    And good luck using free email to send a 25 megabyte PDF file to yourself.

    The limitations are numerous.

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    My point is it's not like a person can hand you anything and you just open on an iPad..thumb drive, cd, HD, whatever, without USB it's a blow to the iPad, but I'm not saying anything new here. Point is iPad did a lot right but some kinda important options where really a big swing an a miss, to the point if the new iPhone docent live up to hype, maybe eBaying the iPad and wee pad here I come. It's just so difficult to decide to jump ship from a company like apple, they are such a frustrating company to deal with at times.

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    If u listen to jobs comments this week it becomes quite apparent that the lack of a USB drive is not an oversight it is a planned design by apple.

    Jobs is insistant the pc is "dead"
    people said the EXACT same thing about the MacBook air - no optical drive. People cared but the apple crowd still bought it.

    It doesn't matter what we want. They will do what they want.
    Like the old "LP vs CD" debate however this is not as obvious to most.

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    I think it's funny that so many people dislike the iPad, and all for the same reason: they are scared of it. Apple is looking to the future. Most other companies are wallowing in the past. In a few years we will be able to do just about everything over the internet. There will be little need for thumbdrives and CDs. The iPad can take advantage of this change. It can also do it in a simple, highly efficient interface. Other tablets that try to run Windows 7 or other desktop OSs are going to FAIL. This is why people are scared of the iPad (and other devices like it): it is changing the way we use computers and some people hate change.

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    I guess I would agree with Ferrari. I mean look what Apple has done to kickstart the interest in the tablet/slate market. Companies are now jumping all over it. Same went with the smart phone. Yes smart phones were heavily used before the iPhone but it seems that Apple pushed that market forward another step for companies to focus more ahead than sitting back doing baby steps.

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    To some extent RAM and CPU are both mute points. Look at say an xp machine performing on a 2ghz CPU with 1gb ram then compare that performance to a vista machine with the same specs. If code is efficient you don't need high amounts of resources as apple has showed with the iPhone compared to the droid devices.

    The iPad isn't just for the untechnical minded people but it appeals due to known software easy to use and lack of setting up. A windows tablet would be awkward to use on a touch device. Desktop os's are built for desktops tablets need different software. Add that to battery life ild take specially written software over a bloated windows os running services and process I don't even need using resources that aren't needed.

    Perhaps all those spouting specs are just as brainwashed as the people they are talking about who buy the ipads

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    Quote Originally Posted by adp View Post
    Well what do you expect when the iPad was released with such weak specs? No USB port, camera, 256 mb RAM, should I go on?

    The true iPhone killer is yet to show up (HTC evo may change that, will wait til 4G is released). But I'm sure we're going to see an iPad murderer a lot sooner. Windows 7 Starter vs iPhone OS mod? Question is self-answered.

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    1 successful Iphone OS tablet.

    Question has been answered over and over
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