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Thread: Steve Jobs Gets Snippy About iPad Pricing

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    I'm in London and am toying this on my iPad...I'm really thankful that I got my relative to get it for me in the US. I got the 64gb wifi only model for 699$ and had it shipped for 50$ - that roughly works out about 480.... Had to pay some shipping cost but in all I have a 520 iPad 64gb....

    Thankfully I did not listen to anyone whi said - wait for the UK sale....

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    Quote Originally Posted by chansed View Post
    Yup VAT tax will soon be coming to the U.S. and everyone can expect to pay $150 more for their iPad, or about $5000 more on a $25,000 car.
    Either sarcasm or mathematics are not your strong points.

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    Quote Originally Posted by extremzocker View Post
    its still cheaper to import one from the US, even if you pay 70 for shipping
    470 for the 64GB
    50 Shipping
    82 VAT

    I make that 602 - 3 more expensive

    Quote Originally Posted by MetallicaFan1991 View Post
    Like every other Apple product except the iPhone and iPod, the iPad will not sell well at all or sales will be slow until Apple drop the price. Here in UK that is.
    Yeah, like every other product apart from the popular ones! Nice logic.

    I have no idea why you think it won't sell well. Are you basing that on the fact you're not buying one cos of the price?
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    i just hope apple doesnt overprice the ipad in spain but it will be expensive coz we got 16 percent of taxes

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    "please educate yourself."

    ohh snappp.

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    But 18% of $500 is only $90. Where does the other $60 come from?
    Does this rag smell like chloroform to you?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Messany View Post

    This Mother's Day weekend, Apple chief Steve Jobs is being far from motherly or nurturing to ticked off Apple fans inquiring by email as to why the iPad costs so much in the UK. As the writer in the above email states, the UK's most basic iPad option starts at a price $150 higher than the comparable US version. What were sales departments thinking, the chap asked, when they priced the iPads? "It's like leeching blood out of our body..."

    Steve Jobs, however, in quite snippy fashion, simply wasn't feeling much empathy for the disgruntled Brit. And he responded with an answer that provided every bit as much admonishment as it did information. "Please educate yourself," Jobs began in reply - according to the email displayed by our friends at 9to5mac. "UK prices must by law include VAT, which is around 18%. US prices do not include tax."

    At least he said "please," right?

    Apple has been adamant about getting the word out that the high prices in the UK are not the result of Apple simply marking up the goods. Instead, the higher costs come as a consequence of notably higher taxes and shipping costs, including VAT. All told, the price of an iPad in the UK does not represent a simplistic conversion of the iPad's price in US dollars to its cost in euros.

    On Friday, Apple announced that the iPad will officially be available in international markets beginning May 28th. The first countries to get the tablet include Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Spain, Switzerland and Britain. Pre-orders for iPad's international release begin tomorrow, May 10th.

    Image via 9to5Mac
    Dear God Americans are ignorant.

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    Aussie prices aren't much better:


    * Free Shipping
    * A$ 629.00


    * Free Shipping
    * A$ 759.00


    * Estimated Ship: Delivers by May 28th
    * Free Shipping
    * A$ 879.00

    Wi-Fi + 3G

    * Free Shipping
    * A$ 799.00


    * Free Shipping
    * A$ 928.00


    * Free Shipping
    * A$ 1,049.00

    Not to mention the accessories that I just bought as well.

    After preordering the 32GB WiFi iPad + iPad Dock + iPad Case, came to A$ 850+

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    Quote Originally Posted by thestrangestick View Post
    Dear God Americans are ignorant.
    And dont forget it *****!!
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    Since when is Steve's email address public knowledge? Wonder how many people have emailed that address over the past few hours.

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    Quote Originally Posted by thestrangestick View Post
    Dear God Americans are ignorant.
    and save a lot of money on ipads too

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    Quote Originally Posted by dra_uk View Post
    Either sarcasm or mathematics are not your strong points.
    No sarcasm and 20% of 25000 is 5000. I don't think that English is yours.

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    Quote Originally Posted by adrian1480 View Post
    maybe it's time to stop letting the CEO reply to customers.
    Or maybe people shouldn't be sending him emails and only send it to customer service.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rickuk View Post
    Even after sales tax/VAT the price of the 3G 64GB in the UK is still $70 higher, and the UK has some of the cheapest delivery prices in Europe

    Must be the cost of the different power socket
    There will always be a % difference in cost so if you look at the most expensive you'll find the biggest difference.. So they still turn a profit when selling outside the u.s. And the exchange rate changes.

    The increase on the 16GB wifi version is only $30. Hardly worth worrying about if you're shelling out that much money anyway.

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    Quote Originally Posted by vruls View Post
    i just hope apple doesnt overprice the ipad in spain but it will be expensive coz we got 16 percent of taxes
    remember that starting june/july tax is going up to 18/20% in spain.. i'm more worried about the new iphone and movistar being a pain about it as usual

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    I guess staff writers are running out of ideas. Not sure how anyone would think this is a valid e-mail.
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    i think that guy got owned by steve.

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    Quote Originally Posted by chansed View Post
    No sarcasm and 20% of 25000 is 5000. I don't think that English is yours.
    It's a shame that the quote from the e-mail was actually 18% and/or that VAT in the UK is actually 17.5%. So, in your little world does 20%=18%, or are you just too lazy to actually figure out what 18% of 25000 is? Here's a hint: it's 4500.

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    This is just the way the world is, taxes els ware in the world are higher than the us import something from the uk and see how much the taxes are going to be plus import export fees get with it maybe you need to talk to apple and start producing apple products in your respective country thanks.

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    Face it this is what happens when you ask a stupid question.

    A simple online currency converter shows the 429 in the UK is $637. 25 US as of today's rates.

    Lets take out the VAT from the UK 429 at roughly 18%, which is 351.78. Pop that in the currency converter and its $522.55 US. So he's whining over a $23 US difference in price which is probably import fees/shipping costs?

    I think the guy emailing needs some basic math skills before blowing a nut on Jobs. I guess this UK'er has never hear of the VAT

    Apple is barely charging the UK people a penny more than the US price outside the VAT and their shipping costs or any import fees.
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