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Thread: iPad Modded into Functional Skateboard

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    thats one expensize skateboard
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    if the ppl aren't buying the ipad, it still won't motivate those people even if you can use it as a skateboard or something

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    I Think This IS A Crack Up Why Is Everything Getting Mad It's Their Money Let Them Do What They Want Two Thumbs Up Guys Now We Just Need One As Big As A Real Skateboard Lmao

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    lets do ipad frisbees... anyone willing to donate ipads? maybe a mb air would fly better...

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    Quote Originally Posted by pksqd View Post
    lets do ipad frisbees... anyone willing to donate ipads? maybe a mb air would fly better...
    Idk About A iPad But I Can Donate The Frisbee Lol

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    @SirTimothy1 Chuck is hilarious and awesome!

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    Thats right the iPad is such an useless piece of junk that it becomes more functional as a skateboard. And I really mean that.

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    glued trucks to the back of the ipad, griptape on front. Still pretty funny
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    Buwahahaha what type of busters are you?? Buster like punks!

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    Apple is probably releasing an update for that !

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    I'd like to see Rodney Mullen perform some flat land on it


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    What the -
    More stupidly?! Why even do this?
    What's next? A iPad into a truck?
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    Yeah like Im gonna believe thats a real 64GB iPad (I just saw the video on YouTube)... Thats simply stupid, people trying to get attention...
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    That's so stupid.

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    ****, there goes my million dollar idea. Back to the drawing board

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    that couldve meen mine....why wasted money to do something so STUPID like that imean i skateboard too but i wouldnt do that

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    they are coping the ipad surf board

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    So while millions of people outside US are waiting for the opportunity to get an iPad to put into good use, there are morons like those to waste the hard work of hundreds of people to skate with(sort of) or blend it :-/

    I think they deserve to be whipped in public for that!

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    although it was a very funny video, people are doing as much to get publicity because of this thing...and apple isnt mad at all. publicity for them..oh look another iPad being shown by someone who we already got money from...great and now ur putting it out so more people can see our product and we arent wasting money on ad...great!

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