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Thread: MuscleNerd JBs iPad 3G, Spirit Not Released Yet

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    Geohot kept silent last days spirit is hes wait till 4 g is out then we will see jbk

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    Quote Originally Posted by mruser View Post
    Thank you sir. I will read this and try it.
    Here is some more info man and another way to get your SHSH Blobs.

    How to Save Your SHSH Blobs with AutoSHSH

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    I did that wass talking about jlbk

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    Quote Originally Posted by RonHC View Post
    why do i think "Spirit" is a joke/scam
    my thoughts exactly

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    Quote Originally Posted by EliteApple View Post
    Lol, its umbrella.. ela... ela... ela....
    Lol, yeah that's the one...oh well, some people caught on and some didn't.

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    Here are my big thoughts on this. Geohot twitted that he wont be comming out with JB just yet, but Comex will, so everyone jumped on comex, and he is like dumbfounded sais ahhh what? jailbreak... what? so geohot just flipped everybodys attention to comex, and comex doesnt have jb ready. But i do have solid news, we will have a jb for 3.1.3 when OS6 will be out roughly by the year 2023.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mfldmike View Post
    Lol, yeah that's the one...oh well, some people caught on and some didn't.
    so how much is that canadian? LOL

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    my bet is it's realeased monday afternoon-night
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    Quote Originally Posted by sharp2G View Post
    so how much is that canadian? LOL
    I don't now der

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    this crap is never coming out

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    Quote Originally Posted by damod84 View Post
    this crap is never coming out
    Yeah, prolly are gonna wait for the international version of the iPad to ship, then they will wait till 4.0 comes out, then wait till 4.0 for iPad comes out.

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    Lol there is always videos we all know it works there all same version of software and same exploit. And why not realese it it's not like apple is goin to stop selling the ipads and wait to update the software. But you know apple there crazy ppl and they might a crazy back up plan ready so the don't lose there app store profits. Watch them patch up in a day. And u will have to update no matter what wirelessly like ps3 or you'll be bricked. I know them very well.

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