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Thread: How Much Does it Cost to Build an iPad?

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    to actually think that you should by all rights, get a piece of electronics at or slightly above cost. should really understand you know nothing about the economics of buisness. i still feel the iPAd is reasonably priced
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    I beleive it is too. The amount of R&D that was put behind this thing has to be massive.

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    If you don't like how much it costs to make them to the price Apple sell them for, it's simple, DON'T BUY THERE PRODUCTS IF YOUR NOT HAPPY WITH THE PRICE!!!!
    I don't care if it cost $100 to make and there selling them for $500, it's a great bit of kit and i feel is worth every penny of the asking price.

    This thread is pointless and i don't see why a mod hasn't closed it as it's just clogging up the forum with posts like this.

    Rant over.

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    it might cost that much to make but then you apple needs to pay the programmers the advertisers, shops workers and on so in my eyes they making large profit from the ipad
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    Quote Originally Posted by zozodouce View Post
    thank you my brother, you understood what i was trying to say. I was at work when i wrote it, and my boss was around i was trying to do it fast lol.
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    slacker! :d
    dude what is your problem with me man?

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    In other news, PC users got totally screwed because

    Windows costs $0.27 to build (long satire):

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    do you actually think GMC spent $40,000 to build that XLT crew cab pickup?

    nooooooo... its business. Keep manufacturing costs low, lower the better... and sell for a profit.

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