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I donated for this about 24 hrs ago and still not had the link or heard from Them3this
I expect he is busy or on holiday, is there no one else who can look at the payments and issue the link for this theme?
I don't want to seem impatient but "I AM" lol....this theme looks great and although I just got the ipad yesterday and I've tried a few, none seem to be as good as this one looks. Waiting sucks... ;-)
well as you can read above.. there is a complication. them3this lost the theme I made...
and my prob is that I don't have the correct theme anymore to send him..screwed up some things while trying to create portrait and didn't back-up. but for the treads sake.. complain on tylers tread about the theme , or just pm him OR ask him on one of the I4 treads where he most often is.. if he really can't deliver...refund , thats only fair too you