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Thread: RELEASE: Cruel Blue World

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    Default [RELEASE] Cruel Blue World
    Here is the initial release of Cruel Blue World, with several updates to come. All feedback is welcome. This theme currently includes blue UI items, battery, wallpapers,and it autocreates all App Store icons. All Cydia icon requests can be done in this thread, and will be included in all future updates, as well the updates will include skins for your favorite apps. After unzipping SSH the two wallpapers to var/stash/Wallpapers.xxxxx and select them through the Settings app. SSH the BlueWorld.theme folder to var/stash/Themes, once that's done, SSH to var/mobile/Library/Caches/ and delete everything in the folder, as soon as you do that, do a hard reset of your iPad (hold home and power together for 15 seconds) so that the icons will automatically create. And please leave comments!

    Download Link
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    you can split your zipfiles.

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    Tried it actually, all my zips and rars are failing no matter what size, probably due to the upgrade they have going on here at mmi
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    I'd like this theme

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    downloads is having issues? that's odd. how big is the zip (send it to me cash7c3 at modmyi dawt com and I'll get it uploaded, set you as owner of the file, put a link in your post, and fix the downloads section upload issues all at the same time )

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    Email sent, thanks!
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    Thank you MMi!!! Ive been waiting so long for a separate ipad theme section to open up.

    Thanks so much supershags for the first great ipad theme in the new section here.

    I hope now that theres a separate section for ipad themes many more of the great themers here will give ipad theming a shot and either make new ipad themes or port over the greatest themes they have here for ipad.

    Could someone please make a few stickies in this new section with basics on ipad theming, the names of the UI, how to make ipad autocreate icons, ect. Please.

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    Here is the PSD for creating new icons for Cydia apps. All you have to do is drag the artwork for the app into the window, it'll go onto a new layer automatically, center it behind the mask where you'd like it, then copy the layer mask onto the layer that has the original app artwork and save. Please upload all icons in this thread so others can use them, and I'll include all new icons into the updates. Any questions or help, just post here. Thanks everyone and enjoy!
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    Cruel Blue World iPad Theme
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    Hi bro...great looking theme you got there...will give it a try...found some blue battery and lodaing for the status bar so might do some changes on your theme...let you guys know how it went....

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    Can someone please tell me how to theme the statusbar and dock in an ipad theme?? I really need to know how to do this for my ipad theme because I need to make them both transparent. I need to know the image name(s), where it is placed, and the size of the image. (I only want the image for the springboard statusbar not the in-app) I would really appreciate it.

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    well did some changes on the theme...didnt like wht i did..LOL had to go back to the original...btw can anyone point or upload an icon set for the ipan or open a thread for it..that will be awesome...

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    Default themes
    Hi Guys newbie here using an ipad. just want to ask how to install themes for my ipad. thanks

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    You are a newbie. It's simple. Install winter board from Cydia and dl theme from Cydia and check them off in the select themes on winter board. I should know

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