Hey Guys -

Just made a post about an issue, but have a separate question I haven't been able to find the solution for yet which hopefully is much easier to answer.

I've always been a heavy iFile user. When iOS 8.x came along, Apple obviously decided to move each Application's Data folders out of their installation paths and put them into a separate, dedicated folder. This would be fine and all, but by default all folders obviously have a Hex name. Also, the hex name for an app isn't the same as it is for it's related data folder. Fantastic!

In iFile, enabling the "Application Names" option has helped in the past - and still works for me... but only for the install folders and not the Application Data ones.

Is there an easy way to be able to ID which folders match in iFile? Ideally, maybe a Cydia app which may create symlinks in the original app's install folder to them?

Haven't found an answer so thought I'd ask.