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Thread: Many Apps Not Working on Jailbroken iPad - Which Package May be Causing Issue?

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    Question Many Apps Not Working on Jailbroken iPad - Which Package May be Causing Issue?
    Hey Guys -

    I've had a jailbroken iPad since the the iPad 2 and currently have a iPad Air running iOS 8.1. I usually stick to the same group of Cydia apps, but occasionally try out new ones of interest.

    About a week ago, many of my apps either stopped working or many of their features stopped working. It must had been due to a pre-requisite of a new Cydia app I tried or an update to one, but have uninstalled all new ones without luck. Seemingly, the issues occur when the apps try to access the internet. Here are examples of what's happening:
    - Launching Evernote - It appears for a second then 100% crashes. Reinstall doesn't change anything
    - Official XBMC Remote - Launches fine but when I go to add a host, I enter info (or scan) then hit "Add." The Add Pane rotates 90 degrees then zooms off to the right in a blur really fast without adding a host (not normal GUI action whatsoever)
    - Tapatalk Pro - Launches fine, but if I add a site or try to visit one, it crashes
    - Many apps launch fine, but after a couple of "clicks" crash

    Not every app is affected, but even the apps listed about that crash are legitimately purchased. I can perform a full reinstall - done it many times before - but would rather not.

    Any ideas? Thanks!

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    Try hard reset and than reinstall CydiaSubstrate....

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