So here is whats happening. Today I jailbroke my iPad 3 on ios 7.0.4. Anyway, I opened cydia. I tried to download add a source and I get "Malformed line 6 in source list". I googled it and found you had to use ifile to fix it. However I did not install ifile before and I could not get Cyder2 to work (Google it). So I tried to use ifunbox to do this and realize it recognizes it as jailed. I find out you have to download a package for this, which I cant do due to broken cydia. I then try to rejailbreak and it then tells me to open the evasion7 app on my ipad. however the app crashes. I then deleted the app and tried again. 5 tries later it still doesn't work. So basically I have a "jailbroken" iPad that I cant us or restore due to evasion. Any help please? :-(