Hi everyone,

I have an iPad mini 3G, iOS 6.1.2 with jailbreak. I tried installing Swirly MMS 3G to send SMS but since I rebooted the iPad doesn't stop rebooting. It is now in a continuos boot since several hours.

I tried holding the "volume up" button to boot in safe mode with no luck. I even tried the clicker button of the earphones, again, didn't solve the problem.

I see that something is booting and working because I have "f.lux" installed (an app that changes the colour of the display at night) and while I still have the "apple logo" I see the colors of the display changing.

I would really need to get out of this continuos boot because (correct me if I am wrong), I can now only restore to 6.1.3 where no Jailbreak for iPad mini is possible.

I have thought about putting the iPad in DFU mode, then access via USB-SSH and remove Swirly MMS, is this possible? How? Do you have any ideas how to solve this problem or where can I get help for this?

Thank you!