Hey I had a complicated problem but I KNOW there's a way. So basically I wanted to integrate google voice into native phone extension on my ipad mini 6.1.2 and not the SMS extension because that isn't working right now. But they fixed the gv extension for phone calls it works now
. So theres no phone app only facetime which you can turn into a phone app My question is I found this thing online to change the info.plst in the mobilephone.app to make it like iPhone settings but I got an old one and still it isn't letting me make calls do u have a 6.1.2 mobilephone.app stock app that I can use ? Also can you tell me if I'm doing anything wrong ? I know it's do able image.jpg I'm using call on gv which was Basically gv phone extension but they added the 2 .plst in them to fix the iOS 6 compatibility issues. below at the attached photo and let me know if you can help me out / guide me step by step. I believe I'm using someone's really old info.plst file. I think even from 2010 . I used full force to blow it up. Can anyone please help me ? Give me a walkthrough maybe

The photo is in the middle of the thread. Showing you that I basically used mobilephone.app but I think I need a current .plst if anyone has