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Thread: Jailbroken iPad with apple bluetooth keyboard - enhanced functionality?

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    Default Jailbroken iPad with apple bluetooth keyboard - enhanced functionality?
    I have an iPad 2 jailbroken running 4.3.3 and have just purchased an apple bluetooth keyboard for use with this but find it very limiting using the built in functionality.

    Is there a jailbroken app that can get more keyboard shortcuts working like lock screen or even the arrow keys scrolling in safari?

    Apologies if this is the wrong forum but am hoping to find something to do this..


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    is there really no suggestions on how to achieve this? I would have thought there was something available in the jailbreak community?

    Surely this is not an unusual request?


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    I'm having the exact same issue... driving me crazy that I can't use cmd-b to make text bold or use the down arrow to select a google search box suggestion. i would jailbreak my ipad just to have this ability!!

    ok, here is a thorough list of available shortcuts, some of which I didn't know: Granny Joan's Hitek Lady Blog: Bluetooth Keyboard Shortcuts That Work with iPad/iPhone Devices

    but still -- why on god's green earth can i make an infinity sign with a shortcut (opt-5 ∞), but i cant make my text italicized????? and why hasn't the jailbreak community corrected the oversight like they usually do??
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    I've been wondering the same thig. I'm a novelist and use my iPad for all my writing. The ability to toggle italics in Pages with a keyboard shortcut would be a huge time saver. There's a tweak to convert the Command+Enter shortcut into a "Send" command within Messages. Surely someone could do the same thing with Command+I in Pages. I'm sure Apple didn't have fiction writers in mind when they developed Pages, but leaving Command+I off the shortcut list has always seemed like an odd oversight to me anyway. I tried BTStack Keyboard, thinking it might do the trick, but it disabled more useful shortcuts than it added.

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